Wright’s Growth As Leader Readies Saints For Success



He came in as a quiet freshman with a ton of talent, and was quickly handed the keys to the car as the point guard of Siena, a vehicle that had gotten off track. But, for Marquis Wright, a player who often makes the difficult look easy, the road hasn’t always been smooth.

For the average kid, just being a college freshman is a big enough adjustment, living away from home, leaving friends behind and balancing classwork. But Wright was asked to do much more. He was also thrust into the spotlight and asked to help lead the Saints’ program back to where it belonged.

“It was a big responsibility,” said Wright. “Just coming in as a freshman and starting is a big job. You’re young and you have a lot ahead of you, especially being a point guard. You’ve just got to stay humble and be coachable.”

Wright welcomed the challenge, leading mostly by example, by playing all-out while averaging 35 minutes across 38 games on his way to being named to the MAAC All-Rookie Team. A soft-spoken kid by nature, his actions spoke much louder than his words as he proved himself as a scorer and a play-maker throughout a 20-win season that was capped with a CBI Championship.

“It was a great feeling that year, just winning a tournament period, even though we didn’t reach our goal of going to the NCAA,” said Wright. Still, he was growing as a player and a leader, often speaking about how head coach Jimmy Patsos was working with him to be more vocal.

As a sophomore, while continuing to work on leading with his voice, Wright’s real growth came in steering his squad through tough times. Weakened by injuries, the Saints struggled through an 11-20 season, and Wright felt the burden at times of trying to make things right.

“It was frustrating. Sometimes I felt like I had to be the one to lead the game and bring my team into wins and then we lost,” Wright reflected. “We couldn’t blame not having players who were injured but it was frustrating, can’t lie about that. It was VERY frustrating. It was disappointing for us and I know the fans were disappointed.”

Now, having those two seasons under his belt, Wright has no question risen to a new level as a leader. His actions AND his words are playing a big role in preparing the Saints for the upcoming campaign.

“I’m confident in this season… a lot,” stated Wright. “I feel like we can do big things. The team that we have is just different. I have to lead my team on and off the court.  I’ve gotten better at it each year and this year I’m doing it even more and that will really help.”

Wright along with the Saints’ other captain Brett Bisping are working closely with Patsos, holding meetings with one common theme on the agenda.

“We had meetings talking about what we could do to WIN,” said Wright with emphasis. “What roles players should play, what we could do different, to get a different feeling so we can get more wins. We talked all around, practice, meals before the game, anything. We just want to win.”

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