Words With Mitch

Some news and notes from our weekly luncheon with Coach Mitch Buonaguro:

On the Loss to Rider

Rider is a lot better team at home.

The team played really well but just couldn’t get stops late in the game, may have been fatigue.

Rider has a host of weapons and they were making great shots.

Siena has had three games similar on the road where they were right there at the 10 minute mark but haven’t been able to close. Have to figure that out.


On Hofstra as a Bracket Buster Opponent:

They beat two of the top mid major teams in the country

Beat Iona pretty soundly and beat Cleveland State, arguably an NCAA team

They have a lot of talent but haven’t gelled yet, he thinks they’re young

Not worried about them yet have to worry about Saint Peter’s Friday and Fairfield Sunday

Hofstra at home is a tough game they are a Colonial team.


On Brandon Walters’ game vs. Rider:

Played really well 15 points, when he averages 6 points a game

He responded to the challenge

He finished well with a couple dunks (tomahawk)

They got him the ball in position where he could score.

Rider played a lot of zone. He was on the baseline a lot where he’s getting better

Really encouraged and if Brandon can continue that, it bodes well for the team


On OD and his 17th straight Double-Double:

He is arguably the surprise player of the league.

Doesn’t think other teams expected this from him

He has gotten better and better

Thinks he has handled the physical play. Teams double team him. Probably see it again Friday night against Saint Peter’s

He has played with consistency, we didn’t see from him 1st two years.

He started in the first 3 games where he didn’t play well. Since then he has been arguably the best player in the league


On Rob Poole Rookie of the Week:

He’s matured

likes his ability to pass the ball

great job finding big guys and giving them the ball

assist to turnover ratio 2:1 for a freshman is really good

he’s a cerebral player doesn’t make mistakes he knows how to play


On Better @ Home:

first thing is the crowd and the kids have said that to him

fans in albany/siena fan base has really embraced this team

going into the arena this team is really well liked by the fan base

they’re coming to games, attendance has been good, almost 8000 vs. Marist, kids play hard every game

when you energize a fan base that energizes the team

made a lot of good come backs @ home

team is really a challenged team when you look at the stats, 9th in scoring, last in league in assist/turnover ratio, but it is still a pretty good team they play hard defend well do what they have to do to win


On Status of Trenity Burdine:

Will always make a decision based on what’s good for the kid. Trenity is a good kid and he wants to play he’s not ready physically

Trenity doesn’t want to go out there and not help the team

at this point it’s unlikely he’s going to play, only got 3 weeks left

can hold out hope but right now it looks like he’s not going to play

there will be a backlog of sophomores next year

have to go over all of this, review it, and make a decision. He’s not going to make it right now, later, after the season


On Progress of Imoh Silas and Lionel Gomis:

year of practice has helped both of them

they’ve improved, next year they are going to be freshmen in terms of game experience

Imoh is certainly physically ready to play

Lio is a very good player

thinks next year they are going to play a lot and make the team better


On not closing out games on the road:

missing shots, open shots, maybe fatigue?

may use hopper more on the road

OD at times looks really tired

He’s getting banged, doing a bulk of scoring and rebounding

He’s focal point of other teams’ defense

getting good shots but they’re missing wide open threes


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