Words With Mitch


Notes and quotes from this weeks media luncheon with Siena Head Coach Mitch Buonaguro

Disappointing loss to St. Peter’s

“That was a tough loss. I think the kids played well enough to win. We had a really unlucky break in that game. We actually made a basket with three minutes and 27 seconds to go. The ball was actually in and we inadvertently knocked it out. It was really disappointing. We played really well the first half. We shot 62% with 39 points they went to the zone and then we really struggled making shots. It was unfortunate because we played well enough to win.”

OD Anosike reaching the 1,000 point-1,000 rebound milestone

“To only be the third player in Siena program history, Siena’s had a lot of great players, it’s a tremendous accomplishment. He’s playing with a team where he is getting double and triple teamed every game so it’s been even harder for him to put up those numbers.”

On St. Peter’s scoring 40 second half points

“That was misleading because with three minutes 27 seconds to go it was 55-54. We had defended them well. We fouled late. Unfortunately we were fouling the wrong guy. We told the players in the time out not to foul Washington. He’s the best foul shooter in the league. We fouled him twice and he made the free throws. I think that score was misleading. The score was really in the 60s. I wasn’t that upset with the defense.”

On the tram’s dramatic improvement at the free throw line

“I’ve never seen anything like that really. I’m at a loss for words that we’re second in the conference in free-throw shooting while in December we couldn’t make one. How do you figure? If we shot like that earlier in the year we have four or five more wins so it’s mind-boggling.”

The Play of Imoh Silas

“Imoh played pretty well over the weekend. He played 29 minutes against Loyola and I thought he played well and then he played 20 more minutes against St. Peters. We’re bringing him off the bench now and he’s playing one spot so I think that’s helped him.”

Updates on Ryan Oliver (knee) and Brett Bisping (illness)

“Oliver got operated on Friday. He got a scope done and he’s out for the year. I think it went well. There’s no major damage to his knee. It was just a basic scope procedure but he’s out for the year. Bisping I think we’ll have for this trip. I think he’s a lot better.”

On Evan

“He’s really rundown. He wasn’t 100 hundred percent against St. Peter’s. He was 3 for 13 in that game. I really do I think he’s probably played too many minutes. He’s not a big guy. He goes to the basket a lot and gets hit hard so we’ve really gotta watch him in practice. We’re going to need him Thursday night because of the pressure.”

On facing Fairfield

“Against Fairfield it’s going to be a grind it out game. I’ve already made the commitment the rest of the season to play that way. We’re not deep so were going to be in these games all year. It’s just a matter of do we execute down the stretch .”

The approach as the season winds down

“Keep the players healthy that’s number one. If we have any more injuries, we’re really in trouble cause we’re not deep. The players have to stay healthy. The guys that are playing a lot of minutes have to stay healthy. We have to play better there’s no question we turn the ball over too much. It’s been all year. OD Anosike is playing at a very high level. I think he’ll continue to do that. I think the last thing is win a close game. We haven’t been able to really win a close game on the road.”

What adjustments are made to schedule and preparation?

“Practice less. I think that’s the first thing. With Anosike we’ve got to be careful with him because his knees are starting to bother him and he’s worn down. On a challenged team like this we don’t have a lot of bench depth. These guys are playing 33, 34 minutes. It’s alot like last year although last year’s team really played their best basketball late in the year going into the tournament.”

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