Words With Mitch


Here are some quotes from this week’s media luncheon with Siena Head Coach Mitch Buonaguro.

Fairfield Recap

“They have a real x-factor player in Barrow. The game before we played them he had 27. He might be the best 6th man in the league. He’s really a starter and then Needham is a great player. He’s been a great player for 4 years for Fairfield. He really took the game over.”

“There were two teams that really took us out of our offense. LaSalle who is arguably a top 30 team and Fairfield who I think is really underrated. They’re pretty good. They beat St Joe’s at St joe’s. They can really defend. Our guys struggled with their defense. That team really defended us better than anyone has defended us other than LaSalle.”

“I think we were tired. As I look back at the game we were tired. Evan, which I didn’t know about, was sick. I could tell he was not himself.”

“Barrow and Sidibe are really good rebounders. They got a lot of rebounds. The game with 10 minutes to go was a really even game. We missed some shots that were in and out and then they got some offensive rebounds that hurt us.”

OD dealing with the double-team

“He’s getting doubled different ways. Last night when the ball went in, Fairfield came right away. I thought Fairfield did a really good job when the ball went in, to rotate. He did have 4 assists. He’s getting better at it. He gets in a little trouble when he starts dribbling it. We’re trying to get him to get rid of it more but OD played well last night against a really good team. He had 15 and 8 and 4 assists he played a really all around good game. He was tired though. In the last 3 minutes he was really tired.”

Thoughts On Trenity

“I’m really proud of Trenity. I think since the suspension he’s really matured on the court and off the court. I’ve seen a renewed enthusiasm. Sometimes you look at a suspension and it can be a negative. With him it was a positive. He went back and looked at things and said I’ve got a great opportunity at Siena. He scored in double figures in 4 games which is really a plus for us.”

Smaller lineup’s effect on rebounding

“Loyola is a really good rebounding team, probably better than Fairfield. St Peter’s is always a good rebounding team so moving forward, the smaller line up, the rebounding is the negative so that’s why we’ve gotta look at maybe playing a bigger line up.”


“The problem with Imoh is I went to this 4-out-1-in and he doesn’t fit as the other big guy so the minutes for him now come behind OD and I’ve actually been playing Davis ahead of him. It’s trying to find a spot for him. I’ve got to incorporate him more. I don’t want him to lose his confidence. He’s not playing great in practice he’s making a lot of mistakes. I play the guys who are practicing well and Davis has actually been practicing better than him. I don’t wanna eliminate him so let’s see how he does this week in practice.”

Thoughts On Bracketbusters

“Like I said last year, I don’t want to get in trouble for what I say. Last year I made a comment abut the Bracket Buster for the teams that are not on TV. The teams that are playing to go to the NCAA, those 10 or 11 games those games are very meaningful. The rest of the games are basically just another game. I mean us playing Radford, it’s important that we win but in the scope of things, my team’s banged up and they’re tired and everything else. We’re going right before the conference tournament; it doesn’t have a lot of meaning. The only meaning that it has is that another guy can get hurt. So, we’ll go and try to win the game.”

“I don’t know much about Radford. Actually Ali’s (Jaques) assistant knows a lot about them, Jack (Castleberry). I’m gonna put him on the scout (joking). He was in the league with them last year (as VMI Men’s assistant). I just talked with him about it. He said they’re a pretty good team. They’re a half court team . They’re getting better. Their record, 10 wins, I think 3 of them are non Division I wins. Their record’s like ours, basically like ours, same kind of RPI. We will try and win the game. We just hope nobody gets hurt.”

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