Siena’s Patsos A Fireball Of Emotions


Following Siena’s 68-63 loss in their final game of the 2013 Old Spice Classic, coach Jimmy Patsos expressed his thoughts to the media regarding his team and the frustration of losing the game down the stretch. Jenny Zimmerman of ESPN.com captured Patsos’ comments:

On hanging with the Old Spice Classic competition:

“For our resources and for being a MAAC team and coming off an 8-24 season, I just thought this was kind of a field that we probably were going to struggle to compete with, yet we did (compete). Siena basketball tradition’s rich. I think the Siena tradition is why we played so well today – but we were a little bit undermanned talent-wise.”

On frustrations with young players against Purdue:

“We said, ‘They’re flying at you. Shot fake, he’s going to go by you. One dribble, pull up. Now the other big comes up. If you miss we’ll get the rebound and lay it in.’ Guy takes two threes in a row and looks at me, ‘Hey, sorry I missed.’ Sorry you missed? I’m going to die at 51 now instead of 60.”

On the solid first half, and finishing:

“It’s about 40 minutes. Paul Sorvino taught me, ‘You don’t pay for halftime.’ It’s from a movie. It’s not about halftime, it’s about 40 minutes. And I can take 36 or 38 or whatever, and we played some good minutes, but you’ve got to close it out; that’s a Big Ten team. We’re young, we’ve got to grow up, I understand that. But my whole process is we have a great process here at Siena, we’re working hard to restore that and we’re playing hard.”

On the team’s busy schedule:

“We like to compete. Unfortunately now I feel like a football coach because I have to wait six days to compete, usually you wait three days. We’re getting a little tired, you know that’s three games in four days, it’s a high level of play for us.”

On the Saints’ 23 fouls:

“Bad coaching by me – they got a little physical with us. We played zone and once again, our foul trouble – we know this isn’t Day One in terms of what’s going on with refereeing. You can’t just put your hands on guys. In the second half, Rob Poole runs into the screen. A lot of contact in the old days was – you could hit a guy, and the ref would be like, ‘You’ve gotta take your hand off.’ That’s fine. Now they have to call these fouls, and it’s going to help the game in the long run, I believe that. It’s just, it stinks while you’re one of the teams getting a lot of fouls called on you. Kids today, man. I’ve got 18- to 22-year-olds bouncing my paycheck up and down the court. I don’t advise you take that route in life.”

On responding to losses:

“We’re fine. There was a little heated exchange right now in the locker room – at some point losses have to bother you. I have great support. We’re all in this together, Siena’s a great program and we’re all in this together. And we all know that we’re trying and we’re digging ourselves out and we have some young guys. But at some point you’ve got to win. That was a winnable game – I take responsibility as the coach that we didn’t win it, but I want a win as bad for Siena basketball because I’m the coach. I’m just disappointed today.”

Here is a link to the complete blog post: Siena’s Jimmy Patsos a fireball of emotions

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