Siena Players Reaction Following Loss To Duke At Cameron

siena game huddle at duke

Ryan Oliver:

“Tough game. Definitely hard to swallow but we’re gonna look back at it and learn from it. We played a top five team in the nation so we got to measure ourselves. We still have a ways to go but we did some good things out there and hopefully we can build on that for next game.”

Positives to take away

“Attacking, scoring and when we did run our offense we did it well. We did play hard on defense. We battled too. We would be down but then we would come back and cut into the lead.”

“We have to keep our heads up and when things are going bad we can’t be down. We have to keep pushing.”

“It was amazing to play at Cameron Indoor. What an unbelievable feeling. The atmosphere, especially them coming off a national championship, ESPN game, it was amazing. Once the ball went up it was just a regular game but that’s the good thing about it.”

“They have great fan support. the student section was unbelievable so it was a great experience.”


Lavon Long:

“I was confident. We came out strong and were hanging with them.”

On the Siena team:

“I saw resilience. We played hard. No one really gave up. In the huddle we were talking, ‘We got this. We can come back. Let’s cut the lead.”

“It wasn’t as distracting as I thought it was, it was kind of funny. It made me laugh. I was smiling the whole time.”

On the Cameron Crazies chanting “Tuck your shirt in,” as he stood at the foul line followed by the ref asking him to do so:

“I heard it a little bit but I was like, no they’re not talking to me. But they were talking to me the whole game, every trip. It was kind of funny (while taking the ball out of bounds) somebody was trying to touch me. I almost turned around to shake their hand but I had to get the ball in.”

“From what I heard they were beating teams by 50. We lost to them by 20. So. we did better than everybody else.”


Brett Bisping

“Im not super happy with how we played but I think we battled. That’s what we came here to do.”

“I think we have a lot of stuff we can learn from after this and get better.”

“They exploited us. We had a lot of bad turnovers and a lot of bad shots. We couldn’t get into our offense at times but they’re a great team. We knew that was coming.”

On how the atmosphere compared to what was expected:

“It was that and more. It was an incredible atmosphere. The fans are always into it. Once I’m done being mad about the loss I’ll look back and think this was a good time.”

“We’ve got to move forward against Wisconsin. They’re gonna be tough too. They’re a great team. They don’t foul you. They play defense. They play hard. They’re strong. So that’s going to be just as tough.”

Marquis Wright

“We competed. We didn’t quit all the way to the end. A lot of guys were in foul trouble early. We’ve just got to adjust on defense.”

“It was exactly what I expected. The floor was shaking when Grayson Allen got the dunk. We just can’t buy into that. But, it was a great challenge and we didn’t give up and didn’t let it get to us.”

Javion Ogunyemi

“We were there. We hung in tough.”

“I remember it was 26-18 and Grayson Allen hit a big three and that helped them push away a little bit. The coaches brought up to this that we need to stay in our offense and trust it a little bit more and look for each other more.”

“As far as the effort, I think it was all there. I think everybody wanted to win and we believed we could win. We had some tough calls go against us early and then some bad stuff happened to us in the second half but I think we can be proud of our effort but still understand that we lost and we still have a lot to get better on. We’ve just got to keep working on it.”

On Duke’s big men:

“They have seven footers who are long and athletic. I had to try to be a little crafty to try to get around them but they’re in the ACC for a reason.”

On  Siena attacking the inside:

“They’re a top team in the country but they still have flaws too and that was one of the things we had seen. It’s one of the things we tried to exploit and we also tried to get out on transition with them.”

“The fight is there. At times we made very good plays. We made the extra pass with guys cutting. But the fight is there. It’s different from last year. We all believe we can win 1 through 15. That’s what it takes.”

Nico Clareth

“It was a great experience. We did a lot of good things I think but we also found where we have to work. I found out where I need to work and I’ve got some growing up to do for sure.”

“I don’t really like losing so there’s not much positive I can say. I’m just not accustomed to it and I don’t plan on being. If this is the only loss of the season that that’s ideal for me.”

“It definitely gets loud in there but you’ve got to zone that stuff out.”

“This basketball stuff is a lot harder than people think. It looks simple on TV but once you’re out there on the court the whole game changes.”



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