Siena Men’s Basketball Holds Media Day

jimmy media day


Siena Men’s Basketball held its annual Media Day today. Head Coach Jimmy Patsos weighed in on a wide range of topics on the state of the team and made comments on a number of players. Here is a recap:

“We have a long way to go. Practice today was pretty good”.

“There’s days we look really good and there’s days we look really bad”.

“Yesterday we talked about time, earning playing time. T.I.M.E. stands for ‘Things I Must Earn’. You will earn playing time”.

“How we play, I don’t know yet. There’s days I think we can be a good team and there’s days I think were not gonna win one game this year. I think most coaches go through that this time of year”.

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“As far as playing hard and competing and doing everything in practice that we ask of them, the players have been great”.

“We’re trying to play faster. Every player says they want to play fast but then you have to sprint up and down the court every time to play fast and then all the sudden they get that little ‘well maybe I’d like to play medium’. You either play slow or fast and were gonna play fast”.

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“Marquis (Wright) is really solid but he’s not very emotional. We can surround him with emotion. He’s a true point guard. I like Marquis starting for us cause he’s a pass first guy. He can play defense a little bit. It’s his position. He’s fine but he doesn’t get the other guys to do it as much as I thought. That’s the question. Can he get them to do it? He’s a quiet kid by nature. John Wooden said teach what you know, know what you teach. Maybe he’s afraid to say something because he’s learning”.

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“(Rob) Poole’s been good but he missed a few days of practice. He ripped some skin off his foot. Poole’s done a good job in the backcourt.”

“Evan’s (Hymes) your ultimate combo guard. He scored a lot (1st two years). He had a 30 point game. I’ve never had a player score 30 points who is a true point guard. Now that he’s hurt he’s definitely coming off the bench for a while cause he’ll only have a week or two. I’ve told him you’re either gonna shoot it or make an easy pass. No more spectacular plays. Can Evan come in and make big noise? I’m waiting. He’s a week away (due to injury). He could take a starting role he could be a super sixth man”.

“Ryan’s (Oliver) been solid. He can shoot the ball.  I’ve actually been pretty surprised at what he’s done but he doesn’t say much either.”

“Lavon’s (Long) Lavon. He’s been pretty good. Lavon’s starting at the four”.

“Brett Bisping has been excellent for us but I see him as my sixth man type. Javion (Ogunyemi) and Brett Bisping are challenging for the 5 start. Lavon’s starting at the four, Poole at the 3, Ryan at the 2, and Marquis at the 1”.

kenny haz huddle

“Then you’ve got Imoh Silas as the 8Th man cause he’s so big. Today he was really good. Imoh could be the specialist. He could play 5 or 25 (minutes). Today he could play 25. Today was his best practice”.

“Rich Audu’s been one of those funny guys that can do a little bit of everything. He really helped in Montreal”.

“(Mike) Wolfe, I haven’t figured out what to do, probably redshirt. Two days out of ten he’s been excellent. Two out of 10, that’s not enough but he has been excellent”.

“Patrick Cole’s been excellent but he’s ineligible. He‘s got to sit out for a year. He’s got a waiver in The NCAA may come back and say he’s playing tomorrow. They had a follow up discussion with Melissa Peach our NCAA compliance (officer). They said there’s some things that look good and then we have some questions… things we’d like to have answered and then they’ll go from there. Would he start? Today he played like a starter very talented kid. He can play the 1, 2, 3. He does a lot for us but right now I’m planning on him not going. You can’t plan on him”.

“Maurice (White) is picking it up. Maurice is coming”.

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