Siena Legend: Frank Dyer

Frank Dyer played for Siena and was a member of the class of 1977. A graduate of nearby CBA he played on Siena’s first Division I team his senior year. Frank returned to his alma mater in 1980 to serve as assistant coach for 5 years under Bill Kirsch and John Griffin. In his final season as assistant coach the Saints finished with an impressive record of 22-7. He was instrumental in recruiting fellow Siena Legend, Steve McCoy.


How did you end up attending Siena?

I went to Siena from CBA in Albany to play for Bill Kirsch (whose son Tim I played with all through high school) to help them transition to Division I.


What is your favorite Siena memory on the court?

Favorite court memory is the crowd and the game we played with SUNY Albany in 1977 in the ARC (last game played between the teams for many, many years)


What is your favorite Siena memory off the court?

Off the court was being at the game in Greensboro when Mike Deane’s team beat Stanford, 80-78……..AWESOME!


What have you been doing since you left Siena?

I have stayed very involved with Siena (assistant basketball coach from 1980 to 1985 to both Bill Kirsch and John Griffin/Matt Kilcullen)
and then left coaching to get into the investment business which I have been in since 1986


Where do you reside, and tell us about your family:

I live a few minutes from Siena in Loudonville (actually in Mike Deane’s old house that he left when he bailed and went to Marquette!) with my wife Mary (Siena ’78)
2 children, Margaret who just graduated from Loyola University Maryland, and Frank III who will be a junior at the University of Notre Dame next year.
My best friends to this day are the friends I met at Siena and who I played basketball with, especially Tim Kirsch, Chris Madden, John Murray, Dave Smith,
Mickey Mahoney, Steve McCoy, Tim Capstraw, John Griffin, Jerry Pucci, Rod Brooks, Don Rafferty, Kevin McGraw, John Williams, ROGO, and so many others.


What are you most looking forward to about the Legends Game?

Going back to this game to get together with them and many others is something everyone is really looking forward to (along with the new shirt, sneakers etc!)

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