Siena Freshman Jimmy Paige Game Ready

jimmy paige practice

For Siena freshman Jimmy Paige, the adjustment to the college game has not always been easy. This is no surprise since for most first year players, transitioning to the college game presents a whole new set of challenges both mentally and physically. For Paige the preseason has been about learning. Learning a new system, and a new approach, from a new coach.

“The learning curve was kinda rough in the beginning but now I’m starting to get adjusted to coach Patsos’ system and starting to do better in practice,” explains Paige.

Over the last few weeks , things are coming together for Paige according to coach Jimmy Patsos who says he has emerged as the new-comer most likely to earn meaningful minutes early on in the season. He describes Paige as “game ready” and uses references ranging from Jerry Stackhouse, to a junk yard dog, to The Terminator in describing the 6-4 guard from Bridgeport, Ohio. In preseason practices Paige has displayed a hard-nosed, physical, dirty work approach to the game much to Patsos liking.

Paige describes that it was in large part the passion and enthusiasm of Patsos that drew him to Siena.

“Originally it was the connection with Patsos,” describes Paige. “He was the first head coach that really reached out to me. Other schools sent their assistant coaches to talk  but I really connected with Patsos. Then the culture up here was really amazing to see the all the supporters for this small school.”

It seems to all make sense that a player such as Paige is beginning to thrive under the intensity of Patsos and the high-energy and competitive nature of team practices.

“The little things really count,” says Paige. “In high school you can get away without the little things but here, every little detail matters and you have to be focused all the time. It just makes you go at 100% every day. Some coaches will let you get away with little stuff but he (Patsos) just really brings the best out of you.”

Playing for one of the top college prep programs in the country at Cape Henry Collegiate (Va.) and a high-level AAU program, Boo Williams 17U in the EYBL, Paige was well prepared for what it takes to go to the next level.

“We (Cape Henry) were a little undersized and we had a really good team so I just had to do a little bit of everything,” Paige said. “My coach always told me I was a hard worker and that he liked all the little grimy stuff I was known to do in high school. I’m physically ready because I prepared for that in high school. My high school coach did a really good job of preparing me plus I played for a really good AAU team and so I was playing against some of the top players. You had to be ready or you would be exposed.”

Paige is fitting in well as a Saint. He gets a kick out of Patsos and others’ references to Led Zeppelin and their legendary guitarist with whom he shares the same name. He much prefers the Hip-hop and R & B genres over classic rock but on the court he is ready to roll.

Says Paige, “School wise everything is going well. Everything about this whole college experience has been so amazing so far and I’m just ready for these game to get underway.”



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