Siena Building Success As A Team

team huddle at purdue

Following the recent loss to Purdue in their final game of the Old Spice Classic, Siena coach Jimmy Patsos expressed frustration with his team’s execution in the closing minutes. Although concerned about forced shots and poorly run plays, Patsos knows those mistakes come out of his players’ will to win.

“The kids today are different,” said Patsos. “They all want to be a hero whether Ironman, Wolverine, the movies they see today there’s a hero thing. Well, those are movies. Those are video games. The mindset today is, ‘I’m going to be the hero to save Siena Saints’. You have to be careful thinking that one player is going to take us out of the situation that’s occurred the last three years. We’re doing fine. Organizations win.”

“Coach is right,” said junior Rob Poole. “Times when we come to the end of the game, we’re used to in the past one person going for the win or shooting the ball. We just have to come together as a team, do what coach says and we can pull out those wins.”

With no lack of effort, Patsos has no concern with his team’s ability to be competitive. Finding a way to combine effort with execution for 40 minutes will be the difference in translating effort into victories.

“At some point you have to dig down and say our mindset is we’re going to win this game, not going to compete. We’re going to win,” Patsos said. “We’re climbing a mountain. Everybody knows it gets harder to climb Everest once you go up to the top. It starts out, you think you’re gonna make it and it gets tougher. Winning games gets tougher.”

Patsos sees in his team a desire to return the Siena program to a height of success which no player on the current roster has experienced at this level. The key is for no one individual to attempt to take on that burden on their own.

“No one guy is going to say, we’re back, we’re Siena and I did it,” Patsos said. “It’s going to be we did it and it’s going to be a we did it in terms of this great school, this 25 year great tradition, this great community and I kind of want the players to get that. Siena has always been based, even when they had Marc Brown, on great teams. We’re trying to build a team and we’ve taken great steps with that.”

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