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When you think of Siena Saint Player’s performance in tournaments over the years, one seems to slip through the cracks on a regular basis. Thanks to ESPN for reminding us of Dwayne Archbold’s performance in the 2002 MAAC tournament. He scored 111 points in four games that is an average of 27.7ppg. It is a little stat that may not have stuck out before but it was very interesting when it was flashed on screen with the performance that Uconn’s Mr. Walker put up this past week in the big east tournament. When they flashed that Archbold’s scoring performance ranked third in the last ten years or so, I just said wow! However in thinking of my favorite tournament scoring performances and the one that stands out the most is Glen Rice’s 184 points(30.7ppg) in the 1989 NCAA championship tournament in which he led the Wolverines to a Championship in six games.

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  1. Heywood J

    March 14, 2011 at 9:24 am

    That's because you're a Michigan hack. Walker's output is amazing considering those 5 games were in consecutive nights. Archibold put the team on his back and made the impossible happen. Siena will get there again.

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