Saints Discuss The Old Spice Classic

old spice classic


Marquis Wright

On playing in the high-profile Old Spice Classic:

“We can turn a lot of people around. If we play hard all through the games, I think we can prove a point.”

On playing Memphis:

“We just have to approach it working hard in practice knowing that it’s a better team and a ranked team. We just have to play hard against them just to prove that we were there, lose or win.”

On playing on Thanksgiving on national TV:

“It is great. A lot of people follow Siena. Everybody knows about it.”


Rob Poole

On playing Memphis:

“Memphis, I think they have 11 NBA prospects, they’re all studs. You just wanna come in and play hard.”

On what the team is looking forward to:

“I think we’re more excited about the weather and going down to the beaches on Saturday, but of course we’re excited we get to play Memphis on ESPN2 on Thanksgiving in front of all of our family and friends watching it back home. Then St. Joe’s or LSU.”

On what he’s looking forward to:

“We get to play in Orlando and get to see Disney World, Mickey Mouse, all that good stuff. That’s what I’m excited for.”

On his favorite Disney Character:

“I like those Army guys in Toy Story. Those are my guys.”

On playing to a national TV audience:

“When we were on the Big Ten Network I got a text from my mom after the game and she was like, ‘you look horrible out there. You looked like you were mentally down or something’. I’m thinking to myself, next time I better keep a smile on the entire game ‘cause I don’t wanna look like that.”

On playing Memphis:

“I think the team believes that we can beat Memphis. They’re a great team. We’ve got to offensive rebound, rebound the ball and play defense. Defense and rebound is all you can do against a team like Memphis. They’ve got athletes, they’ve got NBA guys. We just have to match their intensity and if we do that we can stay in the game.”


Imoh Silas

On the team’s thoughts heading to the Old Spice:

“We are really excited. We’re going out there just to play hard. We have a game plan and we’re gonna stick to it.”

On were the team is at:

“We’re working hard. We’re trying to get better every day at practice. Every time we have a good practice, we’re confident. All we’re going to do is play hard. Everything will come after that. I think we’re building something for a level we don’t know yet. We know for now we’re just working on getting to the level we want to get to.”

On the approach to Orlando:

“We know it’s a business trip. We know there are side things and that we can have too much fun but that’s not what we are going for. We know what we are going for, to play and play hard.”

On his thoughts of playing against top competition:

“I like to accept the challenges. Playing big teams like that, it’s awesome. They don’t classify us as the main team. We’re the underdog. I like it.”

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