Rosters Chosen For Siena Legends Game

 With the first selection in the 2010 Legends Game Draft, Team White selected, Ryan Rossiter ’11.  With that pick the draft was underway for the first ever Siena Legends Game to be held on Thursday. Team Green was up next. Having been granted the second and third picks, they selected Kenny Hasbrouck ’09 and Ronald Moore ’10 reuniting the former team mates. 

After opening remarks from current Siena Head Coach Mitch Buonaguro the draft kicked off and the trash talk began as Rossiter, Moore, Hasbrouck, and Prosper Karangwa ‘03, the 4th pick overall exchanged jabs in anticipation of what is about to take place on the court Thursday night.

In addition to Rossiter, Prosper Karangwa ’03, Tay Fisher ’08, Clarence Jackson ’11 and Josh Duell ’09 will start for the “White” team coached by Mitch Buonaguro. Michael Haddix ’07, Marc Brown ’91 and Antoine Jordan ’06 join Moore and Hasbrouck as starters on the “Green” team coached by former Siena coach John Griffin.

 NewsChannel13 sports anchor Rodger Wyland, Troy Record sports writer Andrew Santillo and Siena season ticket holder Mike O’Brien drafted the “White” team. The “Green” team was drafted by CBS6 Sports anchor Doug Sherman, Schenectady Gazette columnist Mike MacAdam and Siena season ticket holder Robert Reynolds. 

 Andy Grazulis ’92 was also on hand as was former Siena head coach Fran McCaffery, now head coach at Iowa.  

Advanced tickets are priced at $12 for adults and $7 for children 12 and under and can only be purchased online at www.SienaSaints.com/Tickets through 12 p.m. Wednesday. Day of game tickets will be sold at the Box Office located inside the Marcelle Athletic Complex beginning at 4:30 p.m. and are priced at $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under.   

 Doors open to the public at 4:45 p.m. Thursday with a “Meet and Greet” with legends and alumni scheduled for 5 p.m. A three-on-three tournament will take place at 6 p.m., and the final event before tip-off will be a shooting competition.


Legends Team White


No.    Player                           Years          POS        HT          Hometown

2         Andy Cavo                  1999-02          F           6-6        New Hartford, N.Y.        

3         Prosper Karangwa       1999-03          G          6-7           Montreal, Quebec

3         Tay Fisher                    2004-08          G          5-9            Kingston, N.Y.

10      Tom Huerter                 1987-91         G/F        6-6          Ballston Lake, N.Y.

12      Josh Duell                     2006-09          F           6-7          Scotia, N.Y.

12      Scott Knapp                  1997-01          G           6-3          Sherrill, N.Y.

13      Clarence Jackson           2007-11          G          6-4          Marlton, N.J.

14      Melvin Freeny              1996-99           G          5-11       Gainesville, Fla.

22      Ryan Rossiter                2007-11           F          6-9          Staten Island, N.Y.

30      Monty Henderson         1985-89            F           6-7          Mt. Vernon, N.J.

32      Micah Ogburn               1995-00            G          6-4          Chillicothe, Ill.

34      Dwight Walton             1986-87           G/F         6-5          Montreal, Canada       

44      Andy Grazulis              1988-92           F            6-6          Westland, Mich.

44      Geoff Walker                1994-98          F            6-6          Kalamazoo, Mich.


Head Coach – Mitch Buonaguro (Siena 2010-Present)

Honorary Coach – John Nigro


Legends Team Green


No.    Player                         Years          POS        HT          Hometown

4         Marc Brown               1987-91        G            6-0          West Orange, N.J.

10      Brian Bidlingmyer       1991-95        F            6-6          Barberton, Ohio

12      Bruce Schroeder          1988-92        G/F         6-3          Marshall, Mich.

14      Jeff Robinson               1986-90        G/F         6-6          Troy, N.Y.

14      David Ryan                   2002-07        F            6-7          Eastchester, N.Y.

15      Mike Buhrman             1999-03        F            6-9          Chambersburg, Pa.

24      Mike Brown                 1988-93         G           6-2          Hastings, Mich.

25      Tommy Mitchell          2001-05         G           6-3          Tyler, Texas

25      Ronald Moore              2006-10         G           6-0          Conshohocken, Pa.

30      Antoine Jordan            2002-06          G           6-4          Baltimore, Md.

33      Michael Haddix           2002-07          F           6-6          Vineland, N.J.

33      Lee Matthews               1989-93         F           6-7          Buffalo, N.Y.

41      Kenny Hasbrouck         2005-09        G           6-3          Capital Heights, Md.

42      Corey Osinski               1996-00        F            6-7         Schenectady, N.Y.

50      Doug Poetzsch              1981-85        F            6-6          Massapequa, N.Y.


Head Coach – John Griffin (Siena 1982-86)

Honorary Coach Green Team – Chip Stein

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