Rossiter Begins Pro Career in Familiar Fashion

The setting was foreign and the familiar number 22 was replaced with a 14, but the individual result was all too familiar. Playing for Denain-Voltaire of the French Pro B Series, Ryan Rossiter, Siena’s all time rebounding king, began his professional career by putting in a solid performance. He scored 13 points and added 13 rebounds, in achieving his first professional double-double in a losing effort to Bordeaux, 79-78.

” The atmosphere was pretty intense,” Rossiter said. “We were on the road and it was Boris Diaw’s first game there so the fans were pretty excited, lot of noise and very intense. Similar to a TUC game but with the support not in my favor.”

With Diaw on the court, Ryan had the chance to match up against an NBA talent. This special circumstance was not wasted on Ryan.

“It was fun to say my first professional game was against an NBA player,” Ryan said. “I tried to watch him while I played, he’s very poised and really plays at his on pace. We were matched up a few times and talked a bit but mostly just friendly small talk.”

While the outcome of the game was not the perfect ending to the start of a promising career, Ryan took away some positives from the experience and he continues to look to the future.

“Although we did not win, it felt good to get a game under my belt and see that I can produce at this level and still play my game. Our next one is against a top team in the league so I am really looking forward to that.”

4guysinblazers also looks forward to watching Ryan continue to grow and succeed in his career. Best of luck!

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