Ronald Moore Continues to Shine in Hungary

Former Siena Saint Ronald Moore is now in his third professional season playing for Albacomp in Hungary’s A Division. He is off to a strong start averaging 13.2 points, 6.3 assists, 4.7 rebounds, and 3.2 steals per game. His team is currently tied for first with a record of 7-2. We checked in with Ronald to get an update on how things are going so far this season.

4GIB: How are things so far with the team, coaches, organization?

Ronald Moore: “This organization has been very welcoming since I got here. I have cool teammates, American and Hungarian, which makes my time here a lot easier and fun. My coach seems to be my favorite coach so far since I’ve been in Europe. He allows me to play my game and that is always a major plus being a player.”

4GIB: What are things like on the court? Competition level? Style of play?

Ronald Moore: “Things on the court are so far so good. We are tied in 1st place at 7-2 on the season. The competition level is good and is an up-tempo style of play which suits me very well as we know lol.”

4GIB: How are things going with your own game so far? What is your approach and goals for this season?

Ronald Moore: “My game has gotten off to a good start this season earning early honors being named player of the month in October. This season I’m really focused on being very efficient on both defensive and offensive ends. The goal is always a championship every year and that hasn’t changed for this season in Hungary.”

4GIB: Any fun or funny stories, experiences, situations so far?

Ronald Moore: “No funny stories so far. It’s nice to be 20 mins from Budapest which is a great city. I have been there a few times. They are known for their spa’s and I must say they are very nice and relaxing. I am also just 2 hrs from Vienna which is also another nice city and I have been there twice already this season. I Like to explore when I can while I’m over here because it is also apart of the experience.”

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