Rob Poole Rises to Occasion

Rob Poole, one of Siena’s four active freshmen, made his collegiate debut last night in front of the largest crowd he has ever played in front of and did not disappoint. Poole came off the bench and scored 9 points while adding 2 boards, 2 assists, and a steal in Siena’s 65-56 victory over Navy last night.

“I’ve never played in a big arena my entire life,” stated Poole last month at media day. “Where I come from basketball is not that big, in south Jersey.  I’ve never played in front of more than 400 fans.”

He certainly played in front of more than 400 fans last night with the crowd being announced at over 5800. While the lights and fans added some jitters, the moment was not lost on Poole.

“It was fun. It was cool,” Rob told 4guysinblazers after the game. “I mean, I looked up and its just everyone staring at you. I was nervous. It took some time to get into it, but it was good.”

Poole entered the game following the injury to Owen Wignot early in the first half and logged 32 minutes of action. Those minutes were ample time for Rob to see the difference between the game in high school compared to the college hardwood.

“Just intensity. I mean, you can’t take a break. I couldn’t take a break one time on defense. I was tired, but you got to stay with your man at all times because they can score like that here in college.”

Despite the challenges Rob played with an intensity throughout his time on the court. In the second half he took a big charge.

They have that new rule where you can’t be inside of that (charge circle),” Poole told us about the play. “I just looked down, stood there and i thought he was going to go through me personally so i just flew back and it hurt.”

He also took a hard foul in the closing minute of the game when going for a game sealing lay up. He went on to hit the two free throws, putting Siena comfortably in front by 9.

While Poole was happy with his play, when asked if there was anything he thought he needed to work on he was quick to respond, recognizing an area where he showed some weakness and needs to improve to further help the team.

“Probably help side defense,” said Poole. “They were throwing the ball in the middle in the zone. Brandon was coming up and the guy was coming right underneath and thats my guy most of the time and i got to get that.”

Poole looked sharp throughout his time on the floor and looks to have a sweet stroke from the floor. He’s a player to watch, and he’s just getting started.


  1. Anonymous

    November 17, 2011 at 9:37 am

    He did a very good job of handling the ball when playing in the backcourt and on the wing. I thought he was very poised and in control. He is correct about the zone D. Siena was getting beat in the middle and then on the pass to the block. They need work on their rotation and I'm certain that's on their agenda during the next practice.

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