Reflecting On An Amazing Win

This was truly one of the greatest Siena wins of all time when put into context and considering all that this team has been through.

The Mass Mutual Center came to life with the arrival of the Siena contingent made up of loyal fans, cheer team, dance team, pep band, and of course Dog Pound. Their energy filled the arena and truly contributed to a great win.

The voice of this team was shouted loud and clear through the Dog Pound during a late game timeout when they shouted, “I believe that we will win… I believe that we will win…..”

Marcus the Security Guy was honorarily inducted into the Dog Pound and showed his appreciation by dancing to “Jump On It” while waving his rally towel.

After a 3 pointer by Owen Wignot with 8 seconds left in regulation, a potential game ending shot at the end of regulation by Manhattan’s  Kidani Brutus fell half way down, swirled around the rim 3 times and miraculously rolled out sending the game to overtime.

Siena President, Father Kevin Mullen on the Brutus shot that rolled out:
“Someone was looking out for us”.

“The seniors and the rest of the team said to each other  ‘we’ve got to give it everything we’ve got. We’ve got a chance to do something special.’ We are the 6th seed cause we worked hard this season. We stuck with it. We played a great game”.

On the shot Manhattan took that rolled out, “My heart stopped. I didn’t know what to think. I was just hoping please just roll back out and it happened”.

“The great coaching staff told me which  spots I would be able to score points from. i just stuck with it our seniors didn’t want it to end”.

On not wanting it to end: “No absolutely not. It was a big win for all of us. It’s a shame it had to go into overtime cause it’s one in the morning but it was a gutsy win. We just didn’t give up, resilient, and now we’ve got to just go get it tomorrow”.

On having such a great game: “It feels great. I’m just really happy how I played. I’ve gotta play like that tommorow and the team has to step up again”.

On the Manhattan shot that rolled out: “The basketball gods, I don’t know, they did something. I thought it was down without a doubt. It was unbelievable how that came out”.

When asked what he was thinking about when game started:
“My confidence in Robbie starting, and just trying to come in, not turn the ball over, work myself into the game and that’s what I did. Just made plays for my team”.

On adrenaline taking over when he entered the game and immediately ran the break: “We were on a run there and I thought we  could get up the floor quick. Downey made a good cut to the basket and I hit him with  a good pass”.

On the Manhattan shot that fell out:  “It went halfway in, my heart dropped and it came out. The basketball gods were here tonight”.

“We’ve  just got to take this win, play with confidence tommorow and try to get another win”.


“This was one of the greatest wins I’ve ever been a part of”.

On Brandon: “I had a sense that he was gonna play well. He’s a great story this year. He didn’t play a lot last year behind Ryan Rossiter. He’s played some really good games for us. Another guy like Wignot that just stepped up in a  big moment”.

On the Saints fans: “The fans at Siena are the best.  They came out tonight and really helped us. It almost felt like we were playing in a home arena. When we made the big shots they were great. They’ve been great all year. They’ve really fallen in love with this team. They  like their resolve and resiliency. It’s great to have that support”.

“The amazing thing is we won the game without Downey late (after he had fouled out) That bodes well for us that Poole and Hymes have really matured”.

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