Press Conference And Lockerroom Reaction

senior day presser

Nico Clareth

On having this senior group as teammates:

“It’s been interesting. It’s all love. These guys are my brothers. They showed me so much.  This DI basketball thing is a lot bigger than what people think. Without having these guys to guide me through and help me through hard times I don’t think I would be in the spot that I am. I’m just thankful for them and I’m happy that we got the dub for them. I’m trying to get a championship for them as well.”

On entering the MAAC Tournament:

“It’s always the same. We’ve just got to focus up. Nothing else matters. It’s basketball now. I told the boys all the fun and games is over. This is real. This is war time now and I think we’re gonna be ready.”

Marquis Wright

On the Nico block and Wright And-1 sequence:

“I think it livened the crowd up even more. We were on a little run at that point but that set the tone. Nico made big plays tonight. He helped us a lot. He stopped their run in the beginning. He keeps our energy up offensively and defensively.”

On Senior Night:

“It was a great feeling, being a senior here, great fans who had my back all four years. I thank them for being with us through everything, the ups and downs. It’s a great feeling to win my last home game of the regular season.”

On the MAAC Tournament:

“We’ve got to focus up and be ready to play from the beginning. Just play together as a team like we have been, the whole game. Stay together, love each other and the most important part, defense.”

Lavon Long

On his senior teammates:

“I would not want to go through this experience with anyone else. They’ve been with me this four years and we’ve been through a lot. I’m really glad I got to spend this time with them.”

On entering his final MAAC Tournament:

“We really made it. It’s been a long time and we’re finally here. It goes by as fast as they say. You never know what’s gonna happen. I feel like everything up to this point has prepared us and we’re ready. There’s no backing down now.”

Javion Ogunyemi

On Senior Day:

“It meant a lot. I was glad I had a lot of support. I’m glad we got the win.”

On improved defense after early going:

“We just realized we had to put a hand up and take those threes away and try to make them drive a little bit. We weren’t really communicating that well, once we closed off everything and started communicating we were fine.”

On facing Fairfield:

“I would have rather play Canisius because they swept us (regular season) but we’ve got to play Fairfield so we’ve just got to lock in and focus on beating them.”

On the 9:30 pm start time:

“It’s a little late but we’re not the 1 or 2 seed so they’re not really here to comfort us.”

“We’ve been playing well the second half of the year. We’re feeing very confident. Most important we just want to take it one game at a time. We’ve got Fairfield on Saturday and we just have to focus on beating them.”

On the senior group:

“We have five terrific seniors. Four of us had great careers and Jimmy (Merrill) is one the best teammates I’ve ever had in my life. I’m just glad I could be part of this great senior group.”

“They meant a lot. We’ve seen each other grow over the time we’ve been here. We’ve seen our games grow but most importantly we’ve seen each other grow as people. That’s what matters the most.”

 Jimmy Merrill

On Senior Day:

“It was really exciting. I’m thankful for the opportunity to start. I just wanted to go out there and help the team in any way. It was a good day today.”

“It was really special for all of us. We’ve been together for four years. I love all these guys. It’s really fun playing with them every day. They’ve been like brothers. We all get along great. They’re great friends.”

“Getting to represent Siena and getting to put the jersey on has been really special. I’m happy Coach Patsos let me be on the team for four years. I love Siena. It’s been an amazing experience.”

On giving up his shoes for his teammate:

“Something was wrong with Javion’s shoes and we are the same size. It was no big deal. That’s what you are supposed to do. Everyone should be a great teammate, just come in with a positive attitude every day, listen to the coaches and do whatever you can to help your team.”

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