Postgame Remarks Following Siena vs. Monmouth


Postgame Comments Following Siena vs. Monmouth

Jimmy Patsos:

“Hats off to Monmouth they played well. They outplayed us for 40 minutes.”

“Sometimes as a coach you’ve gotta take inventory and I’m gonna take inventory and say I’m doing a pretty good job ’cause I’m getting this team ready to play. We were ready to play early and we were up early. We can’t seem to sustain it. Sometimes that has to come from the players. I’m not blaming anybody.”

“We played two games in three days and they didn’t. That’s the way it goes. I went over it. This was a big game for us. We’re on our home court. I love our fans and I appreciate it. If you want to yell at me go ahead. I don’t begrudge you because you pay money and I’m respectful that you’re here. I’m appreciative that you’re here. I understand that you come. I just think that our effort for 40 minutes was not where we want it to be. I can only do so much from the sidelines.”

“I’ll try to figure something else out. I’m not really blaming the players but I’m not gonna  take the blame either. We were up 26-20 and I was begging us to play. I had one rule today and that was to not really take threes. Don’t settle for threes. I really didn’t want to take NBA threes and I saw us taking NBA threes.”

“At some point you have to let the children go and do what they’re gonna do anyway. I’m not mad. I’m a parent that’s like, if that’s what you want to do then go do it. We were 3-17 from the three and I didn’t tell us to go firing away from the three-point line.”

On putting the walk-ons in early:

“I was just trying to see if I could motivate our guys. To say here you go. At least Jimmy Merrill ran back to the paint and was in the middle.”

“We had to move Jimmy Paige on to Deon Jones. That’s a tough assignment for him. That’s because I was trying to keep Lavon out of foul trouble. That didn’t work.”

“We rolled the dice. I thought how do you keep Lavon out of foul trouble? I switched them and put Jimmy on the three man and that’s a tough matchup. I did think he should have put his hand up a few times.”

“At some point you have to take defense personal. Like okay he scored on me. Now this time I’m not gonna let you score on me. I just didn’t see our fire.”

“We were 3-17 from three. We’re not gonna beat anybody going 3-17 from three.”

“I’m as disappointed as anybody. We played really well on Thursday and it almost slipped away but it didn’t. Therefore we had very few negative vibes going. We’re in good shape. Let’s go play. This is a huge game. I thought we were ready to play. I thought we were ready to play at St. Peter’s on the raod. We played our best defensive half. But then the second half comes. Maybe we’re just tired. Maybe we’re worn out.”

“Rob Poole’s  ankle is really hurt and he’s playing on it. But I don’t get a merit badge for that. Maybe in 2015 I will get a trophy. Coach who worked through adversity, you get a trophy. Sorry guys we’re banged up. I’m sure everybody’s hurt in the league.”

“Now you’re injured but when you’re playing, you’re playing. That’s a big thing they talk about in the NFL. When you’re on the field, you’re on the field so you have to compete. I’ve got some guys that are banged up but I don’t care ’cause they’re playing and we have to play.”

“I thought Marquis Wright really competed tonight. I thought Marquis Wright really just wanted to win that game. He competed. Javion, he just was frustrated, a little off. But after that, I cant give a lot of accolades to people for competing. That’s my fault as a coach. I’ll take it. I saw them trying to fight to win and making some certain plays. The rest, ehh okay our guy scored. No big deal.”

“We went down court twice and didn’t have our guys (defensively) in the second half. Who you guarding? I don’t know. I forgot. Okay maybe I’ll forget to sign you’re scholarship. I’m joking. I can’t do that, but I would like to do that. I’m being ironical.”

Colin Stewart on the scouting report?

“He was on there. I didn’t have him down for 21 (points).”

“They played with more energy but if you want me to sit here and say they had five days off and we had to play a road game and come back, I’ll say it but I don’t believe in it. Bob Byrnes is here and that guy taught me at Manhattan you’ve got to play everybody twice and the scheduled is what the schedule is. Deal with it.”

“I played some guys I thought could play defense. I put a couple guys in I thought could help us defensively.”

“We had another great weekend of splitting. With our injuries and the way we are, we’re splitting. So I’m not gonna be like sooo upset. Do I want to win two in a row? Just as bad as you all do. Everybody wants to win two in a row because at some point we’re gonna have to win two in a row if we want to do something in the tournament.”

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