Postgame Reactions Following Siena Win Over Quinnipiac


Postgame reactions  from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos, Marquis Wright, Lavon Long, Javion Ogunyemi and Willem Brandwijk following Siena’s 88-67 win over Quinnipiac.

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“Our students, I thought they energized us. I really did.”

“It’s St. Nicholas Day in the Netherlands. He (Willem Brandwijk) bought me a present today. I knew we were gonna win. And then he played like he was my Christmas present.”

“It was a learning day. Our team is growing. The players get all the credit and their fellow student body. I can’t thank them enough. The fans were great.”

“I thought we played with a lot of energy against a really good team.”

“I thought we answered the bell”

“Lavon Long in the second half was incredible. He stat stuffed all over the place.” (11 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 steals in 2nd half)

“I thought Patrick Cole, his hair cut and everything looked really good.”

“Javion, Willem and Patrick are guys we’ve talked about, our depth, that showed up. We’re gonna need ’em cause Brett Bisping’s hurt. He’s gonna be out at least a month.”

“It was huge. I’m not a B.S. guy. It’s about the league. You lose this game and you have nowhere to go accept, we’re not playing well and we have to regroup. I told the team that.”

“Vermont got man-handled by that Quinnipiac team and I think that may have been the best thing that happened to us. We showed them the last few minutes of that. They saw that and I said it can happen again. If you want it to stop then we’ll play together and rebound.”

“I thanked the fans. They (players) came out and I just said take a good look around before the game starts. The players did and I think they responded because this is a big game. I said, ‘If we don’t win they (fans) won’t come back’.”

“The thing about the zone is, I’m learning by watching Syracuse. Gary Williams is not a zone guy. The one thing Boeheim, he’s obviously a lot different than me coaching. You have to be patient. They’re gonna make a three. They made three right in front of me. I kept saying, ‘Boeheim, Boeheim, Boeheim’ in terms of slowing them down cause they’re really quick (Quinnipiac). He (Boeheim) doesn’t panic in it. That’s why he’s 50 times better coach than me. You can’t like, they hit two threes and be like I’m not playing zone anymore.”

Was this emotion and toughness what he was looking for?

“Yeah. 100%. Whether we won or lost we played for 40 minutes. The only time I got a little mad was when they made a run. I saw a couple heads go down. I’d say we played 39 out of 40 minutes positive energy. I’m like, they’re Quinnipiac. They have four seniors. They just beat Yale and whoever and killed Vermont. They’re gonna make a run. Don’t put your head down. Keep playing. No feeling sorry for ourselves cause they cut it to ten. I said ‘would you rather be up 10 or down 10? Everybody who wants to be up 10 raise your hand’. They raised their hands.”

On Lavon Long in second half

“I wanted to get him going. Regardless of who was guarding him I wanted to give him the ball. He ‘s tough inside. Two of his three tunovers he made great plays we just didn’t read it right. Lavon’s a really tricky guy to guard cause he’ll do lots of things. There’s a thing we call ‘willing passers’ in 2014. It’s a Doc Rivers thing. It’s, are you willing to pass? Not, you’re triple-teamed and have to pass. Lavon’s a very willing passer.”

“After the first four minutes I said, ‘There’s the energy. We can rebound with them (Quinnipiac)’. We had a little huddle and Lavon said, ‘We’re outrebounding them in the second half.’ and I said, ‘I’m with Lavon’.”


Marquis Wright

On emotion and toughness:

“I saw a lot of it. Nobody backed down from Drame. We helped on Zaid Hearst. We did the little things tonight and that’s what brought us to the win.”

“I felt like we were ready to play. I came out strong and I think I led my team to a win today. My team followed me and we all worked together. It was a great feeling. The crowd was into it, we were into it, the coaches, everybody. We came out with the win.”

“We’ve just got to show it every game. I feel like we will do it from here on out.”

“It all came together and my team followed up. I feel like when I bring it, when I start the energy and show emotion then my team does it. That’s a great feeling.”


Lavon Long

“I’m really happy. Proud of my team. I’m jus glad we got the win.”

“We rose to the occasion and played a good 40 minutes. Everyone was excited, happy. I think we showed we wanted it.”

On his strong second half:

“I sat out most of the 1st half (foul trouble) so I had a lot of energy. My team was playing hard so I knew I had to match that level of intensity and not be the weak link on the floor and come out and play my best.”

“I’m the do-it-all guy. Whatever’s not happening, that’s what I gotta do. I just do what’s best for the team.”


Javion Ogunyemi

“I thought it was a great team effort for us. It was a win in our first game in the MAAC and we beat a very good team.”

On Ousmane Drame: (avg.17 pts 11 rebs entering game 8 and 7 tonight)

“Everyone who’s familiar with our conference says he’s the best big in the league. He’s very strong and very skilled. All I tried to do was make him work and my teammates and I did a good job of digging in and frustrating him.”

“We definitely showed it tonight (emotion and toughness). I think the key to that is just bringing it every game. We’ve been a little inconsistent with that but we’re working on it together, as a group, and as you can see we’re getting better at it.”


Willem Brandwijk

Reaction to the game and the crowd:

“It was amazing. I can’t describe it any way else. The energy that was going throughout the place was great.”

“We definitely showed that we’re not messing around and we’re ready to play. As Quinnipiac knows it now, the rest of the conference knows it. We’ve got to keep it up and do it the next game against Rider.”

“I just tried to make my shots, run the plays right and get my looks. That was my role today.”

On the alley-oop dunk play: Seen Here: Wright to Brandwijk Alley-Oop

“I saw Marquis coming down and I was running on the other side. Me and Quis had the eye contact and I knew he was gonna lob it up. I caught it and all I had to do was finish it. It was all adrenaline. You hear the crowd. The team goes crazy, Everyone goes crazy. It’s great because it’s an energy play and it decreases the energy of the opponent. That’s the greatest thing that can happen in a game I think.”


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  2. northcountry1

    December 6, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Siena deserved this after what happened at Fordham. I was at that game and they were truly New York refs up until the last shot with seconds to play. They couldn't call an obvious foul

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