Postgame Reaction: Siena vs St. Peter’s

Rakeem Brookins

“It will definitely give us more confidence. We’ve got a tough trip ahead going to Buffalo but I’m sure the coaches, within these few days, will get the scouting report ready and get us ready to go.”

“I know our record overall is not the best but right now I think the team is focused on the conference. Getting wins in the conference is what matters most so we’re gonna just continue to work hard and get better.”

“I would call St Peter’s like a scrappy team. They’re in the passing lanes. They’re mugging you. They try to mug you out of your plays. They try to mug you out of the gym. I think it was good we used poise, we were patient, we had a couple turnovers with their pressure but towards the end we handled it great and we got the win.”

“Some of the guys were probably a little frustrated but that’s when the leading and talking on the court starts to play. Huddle up. Tell the guys we’re gonna be fine, don’t mind the turnovers, we’re gonna turn it around, we’re still up, we just gotta go out there and play.”

Rich Audu

“I felt good. My team mates and my coaches showed confidence in me and I appreciate that a lot. My thumb was hurting me a little bit but we got a win.”

On hitting two key 3-pointers

“That was just OD making two great reads. They were doubling him the whole time so I ran the post pattern that we were taught and he made two great passes.”

“I was comfortable from the beginning . I got to the free throw line a couple times, got a little rhythm so that helped me out a lot.”

“That’s the kind of basketball I like to play, against guys like that. They compete. They play hard.. It gets physical. It gets chippy. But it’s the game.”

“You can’t get caught up in that kind of stuff and we did a good job of maintaining the focus and we got the win.”

OD Anosike

“We’re really excited about the weekend. I think from a confidence standpoint we’re a young team. Sometimes with young teams you have fickle confidence, it’s up and down. For us it’s a really exciting weekend . We understand that we’re still 4-13 and we still have a lot of work to do. But, it still gives us great confidence going into this weekend in Buffalo.”

“St. Peter’s we knew was gonna be a scrappy game. That’s how they play. They play physical. They foul. They get up in you. For us we just had to withstand their initial charge which we did especially in the second half and just grind it out. We went to the line and we made ‘em. It wasn’t pretty but we still got the job done.”

Does St. Peter’s style cause frustration?

“A little bit. Our offense was sputtering a little bit. We thought we had the game somewhat in hand. They were able to get back in the game . We had to go to some different sets. We got the ball inside we were able to get to the free throw line. When I got doubled I was able to kick it out and we were able to make plays from there.”

On getting to the line

“Sometimes its predicated on the whistle that you get. It’s always a physical game when you play St. Peter’s. They try to push you off the block. They live and die by just playing physical. We were able to step to the line and make them.”

“I was just basically taking what the defense was giving me. I saw they were double-teaming on the bounce so I knew I had one or two dribbles to get into my move. If I couldn’t score in those one or two dribbles I was kicking it out. Quick moves trying to just get by my defender quick. I was just varying it up trying to make it difficult for them to figure out what I was doing.”

“Rich played great. He came in. He hit some big shots in the second half. He rebounded out of the zone. He played solid defense. He played really well as a freshman. We’ee really gonna need him to continue to play well especially this weekend out in Buffalo.”

“We’re a team that went through a lot of trials throughout the year, a lot of tribulations. We stuck together. We knew the streak was gonna end. It was just a matter of ending it sooner rather than later.”

“I just joked with the guys that we won two games without Robbie. We should probably kick him off the team. All joking aside we’re looking forward to getting Robbie back.”

Mitch Buonaguro

“Typical St Peter’s Siena game . Grind it out. Tough defense.”

“We did go inside. We made a concerted effort go to OD . OD was reading the double teams well. The two big plays the threes by Audu were off of double-teams. It was a good win over a team that’s tough to play.”

“We worked hard on free throw shooting the last two weeks. It’s gotten better. When guys make them they get more confident.”

“I think the two game wining streak it’s great. It was much needed. Every game in the MAAC is tough. We’ll enjoy it then get back to work on Niagara.”

“One thing I’m excited about with this team is how they prepare. I thought the scouting was terrific again by Ben Davis. The play carrying over the scouting was good .”

“We spent a lot of time trying to help OD out with some different looks. I spent a lot of time yesterday on offense with OD and I told OD what they were gonna do. He’s always very well prepared. He’s very intelligent. OD read the double teams really well today. In the second half he made those two kick outs to Rich Audu for threes.”

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