Postgame Quotes Following Siena Women’s WBI Semifinal Win Over Mercer

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Postgame Quotes Following Siena Women’s WBI Semifinal Win Over Mercer from Siena coach Ali Jaques, Tehresa Coles and Emia Willingham


Siena coach Ali Jaques

“Great day to be a Saint. Really, really lucky to have a group that’s just so committed to each other and so bought in.”

“We had some not so pretty moments tonight but we stuck with our game plan of getting the ball to the block and the free throw line. That’s what’s gotten us here and we trusted that. Outrebounding them was a really big key.”

“Give Mercer a lot of credit. That’s a senior-laden team. They’re really well-coached. They’ve got the Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year and we had our work cut out for us tonight for sure.”

“I think the thing that really separated us was just our defensive intensity and our focus. To be able to shut down Bridges like that in the second half took a lot of effort and Tehresa and Emia really locked in defensively.”

“It was a team effort. Our bench came in and did some great things. We’ve got a chance to end the season with a win. There’s only three teams in Division I that have a chance to do that and we’re one of them. Looking forward to whoever we have to play.”

4 steals Coles 4 steals Willingham

“To do that against a team like Mercer that is so athletic and so strong and so quick just shows the focus that these two have. It must be something in the water in the Capital District because these two can really really defend. There’s times they gamble and it makes me a little nervous but it pays off more than not. When you have two lock-down defenders that are playing in-sync with each other like these two are, it makes me sleep a little better at night.”

“We had a size advantage but we definitely didn’t have a speed advantage. Our team’s been smart enough to take advantage of what we do have. Rebounding has been a key for us all year long and that team averages 40 rebounds a game. So for us to be able to do what we did and outrebound them was tremendous tonight.”

“We don’t have your typical situation so weve had to play atypically. Sometimes that works.”

“We set on-the-ball screens for Ida to try to get her one-on-one and attacking (6 foot 5) #45. We wanted her out of the game. She’s a big presence inside. She’s a shot blocker and you have to worry about her. When you have a player like her to play against it can get in your head a little bit. I think our post players went really hard at her and Ida did as well. That was a calculated move.”

On the two potential Finals opponents, Louisiana Lafayette or Oral Roberts:

“They’re both very talented teams. They’ve earned the right to be here. Oral Roberts has a 6 foot 7 center who transferred from Florida. We’ll play on a street corner if we have to at this point. It doesn’t matter. We have one game left together and we’re gonna do everything to bring back that trophy or maybe keep it here. We’ll see where we’re playing.”


Tehresa Coles

On her thoughts of playing her last game for a championship:

“It’s amazing. Its the perfect ending honestly. This season has been so exciting and so many good things have happened I think it’s just a perfect way to end up.”

“We’ve taken hit after hit and we’ve had a lot of stuff come at us and a lot of people and situations try to keep us down but we’ve been able to get back up.”

“The energy that the crowd brought and just them being here, their presence, it means a lot every single time we have them here. To be able to play in front of them and get our win here just means a lot because we are kind of repaying them for  supporting us so much. We owed it to them to come out on the court and play well.”

“I love a good road trip but who wouldn’t love to play in front of this crowd. It would be great to be able to play at home.”


Emia Willingham

“I think after a while we got into a rhythm and after we get into our rhythm we just take over.”

On a key second half steal and conversion:

“The only thing on my mind was to get the ball. I saw her jogging towards it so I knew there was a chance so I just took it.”


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