Postgame Quotes Following Siena Loss To Quinnipiac In MAAC Semifinals

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Siena coach Ali Jaques

“It’s been a story book year for us in a lot of ways. We’ve been successful in turning a program around. Changing a locker room. Changing what’s expected. Changing expectations. The two women to my right (Coles and Krogh) are the biggest reason why. They drew a line in the sand last year, sat here a year ago with Kelsey Booth and said that’s how we should have been playing all year. We’re gonna do that. We’re gonna change things. Kelsey even though she couldn’t play and these two did.”

“We’ve had a very successful season. I’m very hopeful its not done yet. There’s some tournaments out there. Our guys played in the CBI last year. I think our RPI, our record speaks for itself. I think we’re a great story. We’ve got unbelievable support. Our fans have been fantastic all year long. Who knows. Maybe we’ll get a little lucky. We’ve had some luck this year. We’ve had some bad luck . Weve had some good luck.”

“Not having Tehresa in the first half really, really hurt. There’s no way around it. She is everything that’s good about college basketball. It stinks that the foul trouble didn’t allow her to just play free. When Tehresa plays free, she’s at her best, without a care in the world. The foul trouble definitely hurt our team.”

“We’ve had players step up all year long. We’ve had three games where we only had six. I’m surpised we never had four. We practiced what we would do but we never had to do that.”

On Quinnipiac containing Margot Hetzke:

“They’re big. She’s not. She’s strong. There was a lot of contact. That’s part of Margot’s game to get to the free throw line. She got there four times. She’s a freshman and she had a tough game against St. Peter’s and a tough game now and for a freshman to log the minutes she’s had to and only have two tough games.”

“Ida stepped up and played like a senior today and Meghan was very successful today. We had two people put up stats. We need to have three people score. We were looking for that third scorer today.”

“Overall we knew we had to play well to get this one done today. From an effort standpoint I think we played really well. From an execution standpoint we needed to make more shots.”

For us to hold this team, Quinnipiac to 64 points, I don’t think people realize how hard that is to do. They’ve scored an average of 80-85 points every game. We held this team to 64 points and we didn’t have our best defensive player on the court for most of the first half. I think that’s a pretty good testament to what we’ve done.”

“Guestella is dangerous and if you leave her open she’s gonna make shots. A three-pointer is like a lay-up to her.”

“I’m just really proud of the state of our program  and where we are and I’m really excited about where we’re headed.”

“This game we knew we had to give our best effort and we knew we had to have a special game. We gave them too much of a lead in the first half. I think when we cut it to ten in the second half  I should have called a timeout. I don’t know why I didn’t. I had a blonde moment. I think I’m funny and these guys never laugh at my jokes and apparently you (media) don’t either.”

“We cut it to 10 in the second half and they hit a three. Three point shots are a great equalizer especially in the MAAC. There are some very good three-point shooting teams and we ran into one tonight. You need to be able to answer that and we couldn’t answer that tonight.”

“Overall extremely proud of our team because if you followed us at all this year you know how lucky I am to be the coach of 7 active players but 12 all together that will never quit. No matter what happened, no matter what they faced, they never quit. They never said, ‘Why me?’ They’ve only said, ‘Try me.’ . That’s been our motto and I’m really proud of where we are at.”

Tehresa Coles

“It’s pretty frustrating. It wasn’t part of our game plan to have a lot of outside shots. Our game plan was to be able to get inside, be able to drive an get to the free throw line. We didn’t exectute our game plan as much as we hoped to.”

“I’ve had four very unique years here at Siena. Each year has been pretty different. This year obviously with the record was the best year that I’ve had here at Siena basketball wise. The chemistry that we have and how close we are, it actually shows in the way we play. That has been something that has been realy amazing and really motivating and encouraging for us this season. It’s given us a lot of confidence.”

“I’m always down to play more basketball . If we get into another tournament, that would be a great opportunity for us. I feel like we have a strong team and I don’t feel like this is the end of the road for us. If we could keep the road going that would be great. If not it’s been a great season and we’ll still take the best out of it.”

“I’ve grown so much as a person and a player. I’ve met such amazing people, made such great relationships. Siena’s done a lot for me and its been a huge part of my life and to think that this is my last year and this is how our season ended it’s kind of bitter sweet.”

“That would be great if we’re accepted into a postseason tournament. I would really enjoy playing another game. I’m always down for more basketball like I said. I would just love to play more with these girls. They’re so great, the team that we have right now.”

“It’s unfortunate that we lost but this season was absolutely amazing. I won’t take anything away from that. The relationships we’ve made, the bonds we formed, this team has been great. This season has been wonderful.”


Ida Krogh

“We knew that the 2nd team is more athletic and want to play faster so all we talked about we’ve got to play more active defense. I think we did a good job. The whole team did a good job. Overall I think we played well on defense with both the first and second team.”

“There’s no better way to end the season like we did this year. We had 19 and 12 overall and from the beginning we didn’t think we could do that with seven players. It’s amazing for T and I to finish up our college career like that.”

“It’s been a great four years. I didn’t play my first year so to be able to go on and record my senior year and play the way the whole team has played and that we’ve been able to help them it’s just been an amazing journey.”

On overcoming foot problems to be able to continue her career:

“There was a point in my freshman year where we were talking about that I should quit basketball . So to be able to find shoes that actually fit and I can run in and be able to slowly get into the kind of basketball I’ve been playing my whole life and then end up with a senior year like this is amazing.”


QU coach Tricia Fabbri

“I’d like to commend Ali on a tremendous season this year with her team. 19 wins, first winning season in 11 years, with 7 players, she just did a tremendous job and her coaching staff and that team. So, I commend Siena for an outstanding year just doing it with 7 players is just so impressive and they’re gonna be a handful to play next year.”


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