Postgame Comments Following Win Over St. Peter’s


Postgame Comments Following Win Over St. Peter’s:

Siena Coach Jimmy Patsos

“I couldn’t be more proud of Kadeem. He hurt his arm. He fell on his shoulder and then just kept playing.”

“Rob Poole was here today. He’s been doing great. He’s stupid enough to get into coaching. He’s nuts. I say that because he’s coaching his high school team. He’s a great guy. Poole after being away for a year has really learned. He talked about coaching and how much he’s learned. He’s in the stands and he noticed me and Kadeem kind of bickering and Kadeem sits in Rob Poole’s seat in the locker room. He said I really like the way you and Kadeem go at it. It reminds me of me and you. I looked over after the game and Kadeem made two huge free throws and played his butt off and he’s sitting in Rob Poole’s locker. Sometimes there is a little thing out there.”

“I want to dedicate this game to Michelle and Charlie Thompson. My teammate’s wife passed away and she was buried today. They have three children in high school. They watch the Saints’ games religiously. Nico’s bucket went in and that was her favorite player. He was my teammate in college. He was the older guy who took care of me. It’s funny how it all works. She was a great lady and today was her funeral. She was a big Saints fan.”

“We needed everything today to get a two-point win.”

“I thought Javion really played outstanding in the second half.”

“This is the way our season is going. Nick Griffin hits a three to make it two with 5 seconds left. We throw it long. I thought we had a lay up. The play was designed. Lavon, great pass and they somehow block it and then they get a look and I had to wait allll the way. It’s funny. Pearl Washington when I was a bartender in Georgetown, he didn’t come in once. Pearl Washington came in 50 times in three years. I knew his girlfriend. He passed away. So, it’s funny you put a lot of things in perspective when you go through some losing. He takes that shot from half court. That’s where the mark is in Syracuse when Pearl hit the half court shot to beat Gary Williams and Boston College when they missed a free throw. It’s amazing. He takes that shot and I’m like please no Pearl, no. You go through a lot when you have some tough breaks and losing, That all went through my mind in the last few seconds.”

“I told the kids how proud I was of them for playing 40 minutes.”

“I’ve just got to thank the fans. I know some people want to kill me and that’s ok. I understand that. They want to win. It’s ok. I’ll take it. It’s better than nobody caring. I’d rather have you care a lot than not care at all. And our fans care. 6,478 is a credit to the fans and the community. I just don’t know if we win that game without the fans.”

“That was an impressive crowd for a mid major game. I’ve been around a long time. I know we’re not exactly finishing games well. These guys deserve it. If you get mad at anybody, get mad at me. Great win ’cause John Dunne’s team is really good.”

On Nico Clareth hitting a key shot at the end:

“Nico’s made that shot. He makes a lot of those twos. He makes lot of those two point shots actually. He’s really good at those. Nico’s a great two-point scorer. He’s great in the post. He does a lot of things. I think his knee bothering him maybe takes away some of his balance on threes. He’s a gamer. He’s gonna fight back. He knew he didn’t start because he wasn’t exactly playing so well and his knee hurt.”

“Kadeem has earned the right to start with his play the last three games.”

“I watched the tape of our game last year. I’m gonna send a thank you card, an apology card and probably some cash to Ryan Oliver. I realize how good that guy was. I don’t know if I appreciated Ryan Oliver enough last year.”

On Brett Bisping’s fifth foul:

“The guy had 13 (points) and 11 (rebounds). The ref came right up and said hey sorry. I might have missed that one. I said hey no problem. See, a new person. Andrew Maira’s a good referee. He goes, I think the kid flopped. I think I missed that. Referees make mistakes, all good referees. I said I wish it wasn’t his 5th and you missed it.”

“The one that killed me was his fourth because we didn’t get the rebound. That rebound was in two of our guys’ hands and all the sudden their guy has it and he got the fourth. It’s one of those years. We’ve got to keep fighting because every rebound we don’t get seems to turn into….. it’s like the Titanic.”

“I’m kinda glad some other guys got to play. Lavon showed he can play the four. Jay was a monster in there and then you move some guys around.”

“I’m happy because we haven’t grinded some out. We just went o-2 on the grind  because we could have grinded it out at Canisius and Niagara but we didn’t.”

“We’re not gonna quit. We’re gonna keep fighting and we’re gonna keep learning from it. We’re 2-3. It’s all about the league and we’ve got a home game next.”


Javion Ogunyemi

“It’s just great to come out here and play at home and get a win. We’re not gonna sit too high on this win. We’re glad we won this game but we’re getting ready for Quinnipiac next and we just want to build. We haven’t won two games in a row and that’s our goal right now.”

“I just felt like tonight we were really locked in (on defense). We know that they’re tough and they make it tough for you to score so we knew it was gonna be a defensive battle.”

Kadeem Smithen

“We’re gonna build on this. We’re gonna enjoy it for a little bit but after tomorrow’s day off we’re gonna get right back to it and get ready for the next one.”

On hitting two big free throws at the end:

(Patsos: “I was yelling Bautista because he’s a Blue Jay fan”)

“Honestly, I was hearing Coach say Bautista the whole time. I was just thinking just make it. Focus on the free throw and don’t think about anything else. Imagine you are in a gym by yourself and just knock it down.”


Nico Clareth

Thoughts on hitting a key shot at the end:

“Finally. It feels great. My teammates just keep on trusting me. I love my teammates. The way I play and stuff it can kinda be frustrating to play on a team with me and they just keep on trusting me, keep believing in me and keep loving me and I thank them. I finally got an open spot and did what I could do to hit the space and finish the play.”

“You’ve got to believe in yourself. My confidence has started wavering a little bit but of course that’s gonna happen in any season in a slump but all you’ve got to do is get in the gym and keep working and working. Preparation builds confidence and confidence is key. That’s what I live by.”

“I’m a volume shooter I guess you could say and when they’re not falling it’s not on anybody. It’s just the way I play. I’ve got great teammates and great coaches. They just keep believing in me and keep trusting me. I’m just happy to be part of the team and get a great W.”

On playing with a sore knee:

“I just thought to myself it’s game time. I’ve really been talking to our sports psychologist, (Dr.) Wally (Bzdell) and he said for the knee, once you step on the court, it’s time to play. Everything else has got to go out the window. Sometimes it might get tweaked but you can’t let that hurt you. Just keep playing. I’m ready to play no matter what.”

On taking fewer shots:

“That’s just growth right there. That’s just me trying to be a better player. I know if my shot’s not falling and I got three or four First Team players on my team, it’s not time to be shooting the ball. It’s time to pass and get some defensive stops and execute other things. But if I get hot, watch out.”


Marquis Wright

“Playing in front of a big crowd is great. Our fans are behind us still even though we were in a slump. It means a lot. It means that they are still with us even though we have been losing. That’s just a great feeling so we want to win for us and them. Now we’ve just got to continue to take it game by game.”

“We know that we can continue to win if we play like we played this game and we should be fine.”

“They are a great defensive team but we were just locked in and focused and we did our job.”

“It’s very important to win a close game like this. We stayed calm. We stayed together as a team and pulled it out.”

“We just can’t get down on ourselves. It’s a lot of times when something bad happened and we all like kind of got down and think everything’s over but tonight we didn’t do that. I think we’re gonna continue to not do that anymore.”

On Nico hitting the big shot:

“I told him he saved me because that was right after the turnover I had. He makes big plays. Even though he didn’t score a lot tonight, he had big plays down the stretch. When he came down and hit that shot it was a great feeling, always confident in him. (Clareth: “I got your back baby.”) Yeah.”

“I just had to get out of the slump and play the way I normally play. My team is behind me and my coaches are behind me. I just had to do it, clear my head, and that’s what I did.”

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