Postgame Comments Following Win Over Rider


Siena coach Jimmy Patsos:

“I give a lot of credit to Luke D’Alessio, my assistant. He only had one day to put that in and we were on the bus. Luke was ready to go and he just kept stressing this is the best 3-point shooting team in the country and to hold them to 27%. It wasn’t me. It’s the players, but Luke D’Alessio did a great job saying hey, take away their 3s, and then no long rebounds. Because with 3-pointers come long rebounds. I thought he did a good job.”

“I thought our team was ready to play. We had a little chat at halftime about at some point, it has to come from within the players. Like I can be nice, yell, throw things, hug people, whatever.”

“I said at halftime we’re up two that’s a good thing, but do you want to finish it? Upon saying that I walked into the coaches’ room and on the screen was Indianapolis coming back from 40 points down. I’m like that’s gonna happen to me tonight. Like I need that in my life. I’m already depressed the Ravens aren’t in it.”

“I got the job and Brett said he’s from Illinois and I’m like great who’s your favorite player? Michael Jordan. I said no it’s Bill Laimbeer from now on. Meanwhile, the guy’s turning into Bill Laimbeer. He’s a smart, great kid, hard worker, a little feisty down there. But, he can make shots. I handled that poorly because he took some bad shots against Purdue and I kind of said, `Hey, those were bad shots.’ He took that as don’t shoot it. We had a little chat today and I said remember Bill Laimbeer. He’s learning. Brett saved us tonight.”

“We didn’t turn the ball over. I thought Evan was really solid tonight. Marquis had a cut on his hand. Marquis I thought just played tremendous effort wise. Lavon Long was a different guy in the second half. I’ll tell you what, Wolfe and Ryan giving us a few minutes.”

“Javion, two days ago I said, like, I’m never playing him again. Typical me. I like Javion. We have a good relationship even though we probably don’t talk as much as we should. He’s really smart. He talks on D. It was one of those I know you think you have to do a lot. Just be big, put your hand up, and get the long rebounds. He gave us five good minutes at the end of the game that mattered.”

“We’ve got different people. I’ve been preaching I want eight or nine guys, so we’re getting there.”

“Tremendous to play here because the arena’s great, the fans are great, the media’s great. There’s an energy when we play here.”

“Nothing’s wrong with Maurice. His knee’s wrapped. He was hurt. At halftime he said I can’t really go.”

“I’m known as the defensive genius. That’s why I gave Luke the credit. I’ll take the credit sometimes. I’ll take the blame all the time.”

“We could only walk-through yesterday cause we were a little tired. We just went through, these are the things we’ve gottta do. I thought we rebounded their misses well because threes are long.”

“We were a little flat. We were a little bummed out walking into the half time. We played well but gave up that three at the end (of the half).”

“Poole’s long. Ryan Oliver’s long. That’s why I wanted Javion out there. Wolfe’s long. At least they can’t just sight the target. That’s why we kinda played extended zone.”


Rider coach Kevin Baggett:

“I thought Siena played really well tonight. They were more aggressive. They were tougher. Those guys played with a sense of urgency and we obviously did not.”

“Those guys played tough. They were ripping balls out of our hands. They were getting on loose balls. They got all the 50/50 balls.”


Brett Bisping:

“I mean the first three I took, we had went over that scenario at practice. I felt confident in shooting that shot. That was the right shot. Once you make a couple of shots, you have some confidence. My shots came from, Marquis was driving in the lane, he’s a playmaker. They have to respect that. He made some great plays getting me the ball.”

“No one likes to lose, especially this team. So, we came out and we were going to be ready to play, no matter what.”

“We did a great job. Imoh is a good shot blocker. I mean, our guards locked up their guards for a lot of the game. Especially to start the game. We have good defensive players so that’s good for us.”

“That’s something Jimmy has said from day 1. Play hard and have fun, his two rules. They go hand in hand. If you’re playing hard, you’re having fun most of the time.”

“The crowd is definitely great. We love our fans here at Siena. We really appreciate that, but we like to protect our home court. That’s something you always want to do in basketball, so we’re trying to keep that going.”

“We come out every game. We play as hard as we can. If we play as hard as we can the results are gonna be the results we’ll be happy with. Tonight we won and I thought we played really well.”

“He (Luke) definitely made us conscious of who their shooters were. Who their drivers were. We really understood the scout. Coach (Jimmy) was right. Coach Luke definitely did a great job with the scout and we knew their personnel.”


Imoh Silas:

“We had a scout. We knew what Stewart was going to do once he gets the ball. We knew what their other guards were going to do, so I was just trying to be, coaches always say try to be in the help side position. That’s all I did. Just right there in a position to block the shot.”

“It was great. The energy was awesome. We knew what we had to do to get the job done. We stuck together. I think that’s what helped us.”

“He (Patsos) told us coming out the next jump ball was gonna be their possession so he told us every time we have to be strong with the ball and not just give away the ball.”

“We just had to limit the key players. We tried to limit Myles. He had 13 in the first half. Second half, we matched up a little bit. They brought in their shooters and we matched up in our zone. It was a good job we did defensively.”

(Blocks) It’s something that keeps you going. The next one, a guard comes in and the next time you try to block it again. It’s really good. I enjoy doing it.”

“It’s awesome. I’m really happy for him (Bisping). That’s my boy. Once he got going I knew he could keep going and making shots. I’m really proud of him.”

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