Postgame Comments Following Win Over Rider


Postgame Comments Following Win Over Rider


Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“It was a gutty team effort. Rob Poole continues to not let us lose games.  I don’t know if he helps us win games but he just wasn’t letting us lose that one. He was great in the huddles, him and Marquis.”

“I got a couple Muhammad Ali things in my office. I’ve got shorts, gloves and the poster of him. That’s where I came up with my rope-a-dope idea to let them have a 20-4 lead. It worked perfectly.”

“I meant what I said that we played well at Manhattan but we lost. Maybe they took it like, it’s okay to lose. So we had a little discussion about that.”

“Jimmy Paige and Ryan Oliver really gave us some great minutes, just steady minutes.”

“Javion, Poole and Marquis were great and Lavon in spurts. Willem’s rebounds were pretty good too. Willem has been coming along and I’m glad he took those threes. Those are shots he has to take. Nobody was mad about those.”

“Rider’s a really good team, a really good program. They’re the surprise of the league, not to me though ’cause Kevin’s a good coach. They’re gonna be a force to be reckoned with so we were very lucky to get them. I think the snow might have helped us today.”

On playing in front of such a small crowd due to the storm and creating energy:

“That’s up to me and up to us as a team. We wanted to battle. Thank you to our fans that came. They were loud. Everybody knew Rider was 12-3 since the Old Spice. We all agree that the Old Spice is great. What you have to do is survive it. It’s like Weight Watchers. You have to survive it. That’s really made Rider a tough team.”

“I thought maybe the snow and them having to sit around all day would hurt them. It’s different when you have Winter Wonderland out there. They came out 20-4. I thought maybe we’d come out 20-4. But, like I said rope-a-dope theory worked perfectly.”

On committing just 5 turnovers as a team:

“I’d like to thank the Manhattan Jaspers for that. When you play against them, you get better. His team’s rolling by the way. When you play Manhattan you can’t simulate, that’s as close to me as the old Nolan Richardson 40 minutes of hell. That prepares you.”

“I thought Ryan just saved us today. I’ve been on Ryan to do more and show more emotion. All the sudden its Poole to Ryan to Lavon and there’s no turnovers for dunks.”

On  Poole:

“He’s like, ‘They’re all over me.’ I’m like, ‘I know they are, you and Ryan.’ I’m like, ‘Why don’t you start driving it?’ Poole’s actually crafty in there because he’s a scorer. Twenty-seven’s (points) just an unbelievable number. I’m happy for Rob. He just said, ‘We’re not losing this game. We’re fine. Everything’s good.’ Him and Marquis were really vocal in the huddle.”

On the technical:

“It was my last resort. I was joking about the rope-a-dope by the way. That was not a plan. I thought our referees were excellent tonight. They got called in for this game (due to the weather). They didn’t know they were doing this game. It was a big game for these guys.”

“I said, yeah I wanted it (the technical). Then I said very politely, ‘I don’t want to get kicked out.’ They said okay. We got you. We’ll talk from here. I was just making my stand. It’s like going to the party. You’ve gotta go in and let them know you’re here. But then I don’t want the lampshade on my head either.”

“I just said as bad as we’re playin’ can you help me get a technical. It’s my last resort. It worked in a way.”


Marquis Wright:

“We started off slow but then they (coaches) told us, even though there wasn’t a lot of fans there, we’ve got to bring our own energy and that’s what we did from that 20- 4 stretch on. We just played together as a team and fought hard and came out with the win.”

On the small crowd due to the weather:

“It was different because of the small crowd but then again we’ve got to play for ourselves and Siena.”

“I felt like we were way tougher with the ball this game than the last game. We fought back and then we kept fighting. That’s why we won.”

On coming back after falling behind 20-4:

“That was very impressive. We’ve just got to keep it going from here on out.”

On Jimmy’s technical:

“I told them (his teammates),’We’ve got to fight for him ’cause he’s fighting for us. We’ve got to fight back with him.’ That kind of turned us on and got us going.”

“Its a big win and we’ve got to just keep going and take it game by game. We’ve got Iona next, the first place team and hopefully we can pull that one out.”


Rob Poole:

“The technical foul that Coach got, got us going. We saw that he was fighting so we just wanted to help him out.”

On the small crowd due to the weather:

“It reminds me of high school when there’s no one in the gym. Our fans are the greatest fans in the MAAC and probably in the country. It’s awesome having that. It (tonight) was just weird.”

On driving to the hoop tonight:

“Usually I can’t get by the first defender, but I got by them. It was fine and no one was in the lane. I hit some nice little runners that I usually don’t make and it got me going, some nice easy shots and got my threes going and just fed off of that.”

On handling Rider’s pressure and only committing 5 turnovers as a team:

“I think Marquis and Rolly (Ryan Oliver) did a nice job of handling the pressure and Javion and myself were in the middle and gave them a little pass if they needed it. Kudos to Rolly and Marquis. They handled the pressure the entire time. Quis kept the game at his pace and it won us the game.”


Jimmy Paige

“We just started a little slow but we stuck with it and our energy picked up a lot and we made a big run before the half.”

“In the beginning (of the season) I was thinking too much and made a couple bad plays. Coach sat me down and told me to calm down and just play hard and rebound. Whenever I do that, things tend to work out fine. He (Patsos) sees me to be able to bring a lot of energy off the bench and I think that’s what we need. I have a big role in that (energy).”


Javion Ogunyemi

On the small crowd due to the weather:

“It was different. It  had more like a scrimmage atmosphere because there weren’t that many people. But, it was a game and it was on T.V. and we had to play. We kind of feed off our fans and our students for energy, but once the game got going we were fine.”

“It (energy) came from within. Once we started getting going, we started making shots and getting stops. As a team, we came together and fed off the energy of each other and after that everything started flowing.”

On committing just 5 turnovers as a team:

“That’s just us being strong with the ball and smart with the ball. When we keep our turnovers down, we’re a dangerous team ’cause we have a lot of weapons.”

On beating an upper level MAAC team:

“It just helps to boost the morale of the team. We know that we have to play a lot of the teams that are ahead of us in the standings so if we can come out with some of these wins it will move us up.”

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