Postgame Comments Following Win Over Monmouth

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Postgame comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos, Steven Cruz, Brett Bisping, Imoh Silas and Rob Poole.

Jimmy Patsos

“It was a great effort. I just wanted to say, I mean, 8,100 people, John D’Argenio and Nate Mason, our ticket manager, have done a great job. I wanted to really thank them.”

“I didn’t know if we’d ever get 8,000 people in this building this year. A lot of our wins this year have come because of the fans. I saw some ESPNU games with like nine people behind the bench. We have great fans. A meaningless game in the standings, to have 8,100 people, that’s just tremendous.”

“I thought Imoh Silas really saved us. For Imoh to get 11 rebounds and six blocks, they have got very good big guys. They’re a good young team. They’re coming off a game where they beat Niagara by 25. I thought we responded well.”

“Poole said I was crazy in the paper? He didn’t say I was crazy when I gave him a Shake Shack burger the other day. He said it was the best burger he ever had.”

This is a fun team to be around. They really like each other. I think that’s why we won today, with a lot of different guys. First thing when I said, `Cruz has to start, who wants to not start,’ Marquis (Wright) right away he says, `He plays the point. I’m cool.’ So when you get unselfish stuff like that.”

“Evan was fantastic. Evan was fantastic at home. We talked about that the other day, like ‘Evan, can you only play at home?’ He said, ‘No, I can play on the road. I’m just better at home.’ And then he played well against Quinnipiac. But it’s been all year different guys. It’s been a fun team to coach because it’s been different guys all year.”

“Congratulations to Poole on his 1,000 and one point. We already had the ball made up. Thank God he made it by 1. Him and Evan getting 1,000 points is great. That’s something that no one can take away from them. I know that the 15 wins and coming in fifth means more than their 1,000 points because they told me that. They act like that. That’s why it’s been fun coaching this team.”

“Javion’s a good defensive player.”

“The problem is I don’t get mad. I get disappointed. I was nervous about this game today and Imoh came out and gave us energy in the paint cause they’re bigger than we are.”

“You’ve got Poole having four points, Lavon 5-13 I know he did some good things. Marquis, Ryan wasn’t great today and to win that game by that many points, that’s cause of Imoh Silas and Brett Bisping. Our inside players matched their inside players and I’m impressed with that cause they have some big guys.”

“I didn’t really feel comfortable out there. Last game (vs. Monmouth) it wasn’t one of my better coaching performances. I was awful. We kept turning the ball over. You put it out of your mind but then you’ve gotta move on. But you’ve gotta watch it because you have to play them again.”

“I coached against all those guys (Monmouth coaches). King Rice was an assistant coach and (Derrick) Phelps and (Brian) Reese I coached against as players (North Carolina). They’re gonna run and jump. They’re gonna run their stuff like Carolina. They’re gonna shoot threes against the press. So, I was a little nervous.”

“We were lucky because Nicholas is a really good player but maybe he was a little tired. Deon Jones is really good too but he was 3 for 11.”

“I didn’t coach it like oh, this an easy game to win, but I can’t lie when Imoh had the shot clock going down and the shot went in I thought maybe this is our day for once.”

“The problem is the next game we’re gonna play is not gonna be like this.”

On the regular season:

“I give it a B. We gave some stuff away but it’s a solid B. You can get A,B,C or D and we got a B and that’s really good.”

“It’s funny the same things I like, I’m scared of. We played really well as a group and lots of guys stepped up. On the other hand I’m really nervous not just for the next week but for the next year. Who’s our go-to guy? I look around the MAAC and whether it’s been Kenny Hasbrouck or Marc Brown, to Luis Flores, to Gerald Brown to Eric Etherly. There’s lots of different guys in this league who have been the go-to guy. I’m watching Armand be the go-to guy. Baron’s the Player of the Year. I like Beamon. They have a go-to guy. We don’t have a go-to guy.”

“We just won with our best player having 4 points going 2-7, 0-3 from three. That’s all nice and good but that doesn’t win you the championship. But, on the other hand we have a really good team. It’s a really close-knit group and I’m really proud. The same things I’m proud of are what I’m scared of.”

“We’ve been playing hard, that’s all I care about. Saturday at 2:30 there’s gonna be some team waiting for us that’s pretty good.”

“Cruz is one of the fun guys. You gotta be in a good mood when you see Cruz. He makes me happy. Rick Majerus said it’s always whatever you do in the day to make yourself happy at practice so you can be a good teacher is what matters. Steven Cruz really helps me every day. So. I’m grateful for that.”

On senior team managers Emily Casey and Ryan Goulding:

“Emily and Ryan’s done a lot for us. At this level when you don’t have video guys and guys with charter planes and a travel agent and everything. We have fantastic managers and they really make a difference. Emily and Ryan are high-level managers. We’re very grateful for them.”


Steven Cruz

“It was a great experience. Jimmy told me just be ready. He kept pumping me in practice and going after me and I was ready. With his energy and him criticizing me in practice trying to correct all my mistakes he was really getting on top of me. It was just a regular game for me starting for Marquis. It was awesome.”

On surpassing Conner Fenlon on career scoring list:

“I love Conner and he knows it. There won’t be another best walk-on like Conner. I learned it from him.”

On having mom at home game for first time:

“She’s always working and this far away from home she never really had a ride to come here. It was amazing for me to just experience this with my mom on the sideline, walking on the court with me it was pretty cool.”

On the crowd reaction:

“It was amazing. It shows that all the hard work I put in they really appreciate it. I know sometimes walk-ons they can be like everybody’s shadow but with this crowd nobody’s a shadow. Everybody’s family.”

“All the props go out to Father Kevin, John D’Argenio for hiring Jimmy. The guy is all about winning. He put back the winning pride in this program and I can see this program going back to the way it was.”


Brett Bisping

“I don’t think I shot very well from the field at all and Coach was staying on me for that. I realized that I have to continue to get to the rim cause that’s where my points were coming from and that’s where the higher percentage shots are at.”

“We’re going into the postseason obviously thinking that we want to win. That’s what everyone does. We’re playing well, Imoh’s playing well, and everyone’s playing well so we’re excited about it.”

“This could have been an easy slip up game. We got the 5th seed. We didn’t have to win to keep the 5th seed but the coaching staff really came out fired up in practice the other day to make sure that we’d be ready to go and I think that helped get our mind set a little bit.”

“We didn’t want to lose in front of the home crowd for the last time. They showed so much support over the entirety of the season, winning streaks and losing streaks so we appreciate that.”

“We have a lot of good players and we all get along on this team. It’s just fun to play on this team and I think people realize that. We’re just playing hard and having fun.”


Imoh Silas

“I just felt good from the jump. Coach has been telling me I just have to keep going and get a stop. After that first block shot I knew I was gonna keep going.”

On blocking shots:

“Coach has been telling me from the beginning I have to be in the right position. He knows once I am in the right spot I can go get it.”

On the great crowd support:

“It feels great. When we went to the Old Spice we lost some tough games against really good teams. Now it’s starting to payoff and it’s been awesome. It’s great to have good supporters and they’ve been with us from the beginning.”

“Every time we come on the floor we’re trying to compete. We’ve been competing the whole time and we’re gonna compete when we get to Springfield too.”

“We just keep going. I’m not going to stand here and tell you we’re gonna win all the time. All I’m gonna tell you is we’re definitely gonna be competing, playing hard every time and do what we have to do and hopefully we get a win.”


Rob Poole

“Right now we’re clicking all together and Coach has us playing really hard and competing so credit to him.”

“Cruz played great. First play of the game, slapping down the ball. He’s so small he can get the ball. Really, really good for Steven.”

On calling Jimmy crazy:

“It wasn’t meant to be like that. It was a joke, joyful, friendly.”

“The fans are great. They’ve been with us all year. Even when we were struggling they we here with us. It’s a credit to them for allowing us the opportunity to play in front of that many people. They’re the best fans I’ve ever had. We’re all blessed to play in front of fans like this.”

“Steven deserved it. He got his first career start. He got one point from the free throw line. He killed it. He was slapping on the ball, playing hard, doing what he does and that’s bringing energy. That’s what he did.”

“We’re happy with how we are playing but you always want to get better and build on your success and that’s what we’re gonna try to do in this tournament.”

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