Postgame Comments Following Win Over Manhattan


Postgame comments from Siena head coach Jimmy Patsos, Evan Hymes,Rob Poole, Lavon Long and Ryan Oliver plus Manhattan coach Steve Masiello


Jimmy Patsos

“I thought the key play of the game was Steven Cruz winning the jump ball.” (In pregame ceremonial tipoff)

“I think Steve Masiello’s team has a very good chance to win the MAAC Tournament. They’re deep. They play really hard. They have a lot of different guys. For us to win that game was a minor miracle.”

“We got lucky. They missed some free throws. Our crowd helped us win.”

“I thought Rob Poole, Evan and Ryan, I talked to them the other day about this is your team. Don’t just say it’s a young kids team. Don’t be afraid to take ownership. And, I thought Rob Ryan and Evan really did.”

“It’s great. Evan Hymes got his 1,000th point in a big win. That’s what you want to do.”


On what a win over a top 4 team in the MAAC means:

“It means that Sunday’s game means more. So, now I get to think about that while I build another snowman on my balcony at 4 am.”

“I built a snowman last week cause I said my power forward and you had the same amount of points in the first half. As I stared at it in 4 in the morning with a beverage in my hand. My wife said, ‘It’s not gonna change. He’s not gonna score’. I said, ‘The snowman or the other guy?’ She said, ‘Both’.”

“Every game in the MAAC’s tough. Every game means something.”

“For us to get killed down there and come back and win here is a miracle.”

“Our kids knew they had another chance to do something against a team picked to win the league, that just won six in a row, with the best road record in the country so that was a huge win for us. Now, we just gotta worry about Rider.”

“I think the crowd did (make it fun). 7,900 are you kidding me? That’s unbelievable. I told our players. This is a special day. You don’t get to play these kind of games in front of this crowd on a Friday night against the best team. But all the circumstances were there whether we won or lost. I told them to enjoy this game.”

“That’s a tough game to referee. We had a Friday night, great crew, 7,900 in the building, ESPN3 all that stuff and then we provide ourselves a good game. That’s a lot of pressure on us. So, that’s good.”

“Win or lose, I said we’d have entertaining games. It’s nicer to win but I’m not a fool. I’m really happy that it was a great Friday night in Albany. That’s why I was fortunate, lucky enough to get this job.”

On Evan Hymes:

“First of all, he’s better at home than on the road. That’s kind of how he is. He’s had a lot of success here. I thought that he was pressing. The blame I take was trying to get him to play the point guard too much. Ryan (tonight) was handing the ball when Marquis was out, not that Marquis took that many minutes off. Evan’s a 2 guard and I wanted him to be a combo guard and that’s on me. I think I just said go play the 2 and if it happens it happens.”

On Ryan Oliver making two big threes down the stretch:

“He better have made them after he missed his free throw. I begged for a free throw call and the guy misses it. I said you’re a shooter from Beverly Hills. I should have told him there was a sale on Rodeo drive, he would have made it then. But that’s off the record.”

“He kinda got at me in the huddle and said alright I know I missed a free throw but that was twelve minutes ago. I said alright good point. He’s fun to coach. I said congratulations you’ve arrived. Your officially one of my players.”

“This is a feisty, grind it out, tough league with kids that have a lot of moxie.”


Evan Hymes:

“It was a tremendous win for us. Rolly hit some big shots tonight that definitely stretched the lead for us. It was definitely a great team effort for us tonight. We just want to continue to work hard and play our best basketball in March.”

“Ryan and I have been in the gym getting extra shots up and it’s paying off. We want to continue to work;”

“My team mates definitely helped me to get to that 1,000 points today. Without Quis getting me the ball, without Robbie making plays for me I don’t think I would have gotten it tonight.”

“I could definitely see that at the end of the game everybody was focused, composed, knowing that we’ve been in this situation before. It hurts to lose and we weren’t gonna let that happen tonight. Everybody responded tonight and we came out with the win”


Rob Poole:

“They’re a great team, well-coached, very good and it’s just great to come out with a win at the end of the game and not be on the losing side of it. We’ve been so close but to really just step over that mound and get that win just really means a lot to us.”

“They missed some free throws and we got lucky. I think luck just kinda bounced our way this time and it usually doesn’t. We got the win which was great and we just have to keep on playing.”

“Manhattan’s a real good team. We’ve been close with those teams. I think teams don’t wanna play us. They know it’s gonna be a tough game.”

“He (Jimmy) talked about being a leader, being one of the older players on the team. Taking ownership over the entire team. He can only do so much. He’s a coach. We as players have to do other things to help him out and to lead the team.”

“We learned from it. We learned that it takes a full 40 minutes to win a game. We fought back. That’s what Jimmy’s telling us, ‘Keep fighting, keep fighting. Things are gonna roll your way’. And tonight they did.”


Lavon Long

“I think we worked hard for this one, throughout the whole game. We kept it close. We’re not gonna blow this team out. They’re too good.  But, we did what we needed to do.”

On what the team learned from recent close game losses and what this win means:

“It definitely gave us experience in close game situations. Who to get the ball to. It pretty much proves that we can win the league. If they’re picked the number one team and we just beat them, then we’re right there.”


Ryan Oliver

“We grinded it out. It was tough. We had the lead. They came back. We responded well. We made clutch shots down at the end and we played really well.”

On learning from Marist and Canisius losses:

“Both games we were right there in last game situations and we couldn’t close so we just wanted to really close and concentrate on taking care of the ball and making free throws down the stretch.”

On hitting two big threes down the stretch:

“The first one I just wanted to get a shot off before the (shot clock) buzzer and if I missed we could get the rebound. After I made the first one, I knew he second one was going in. I was pretty confident.”

“We’re the older guys and have the experience. Rob had a great game. Evan had a great game, scoring 1,000 points which is great. They’re both experienced and they’re helping to bring me along. We’re older guys so we’ve been through this situation in a season so we have to lead the way for the younger guys.”


Manhattan coach Steve Masiello

“Give Siena alot of credit. I thought they were playing very good basketball. Coming into this game they lose at marist, had Quinnipiac on the ropes here and canisius on the ropes. So, give Siena credit. Jimmy did a good job of having those guys ready. I thought they came to play.”

“The bottom line is you can’t miss 23 free throws and expect to win a conference game on the road. You’re not gonna win many games that way and that’s on me.”

“No excuses. I thought we played well at times. Shot 47% in the second half, outrebounded them, turned them over 14 times but the game came down to free throws.”

Give Jimmy credit. Give his kids credit. I like his kids. I think Rob Poole and Evan Hymes are class acts and terrific young men and what the MAAC Conference is all about. And, it’s great to see them have success. I’m very happy for them.

“I’m not a big believer in trying to control the things you can’t control. You can’t control shooting. You can control effort. You can control defense. You can control rebounding. I thought we did those things. So I thought we did enough to find an ugly win.

On missed free throws:

“Those are silent turnovers. Those are 23 silent turnovers and it’s just tough to in on the road that way. Hopefully it’s an eye-opener for our guys and we address it, change and move on. It’s tough to lose that way but don’t take anything away from Siena.”

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