Postgame Comments Following Win Over Bucknell


Here are the postgame comments following Siena’s win over Bucknell:

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

Rob Poole did an amazing job leading us the last couple of days, being really tough in practice. I don’t know if anybody’s done as good a job on Chris Haas as he did today.

“Bucknell, I’m really glad we’re playing the series with them. It’s a quality opponent, great coach. Dave Paulsen’s wife is from up here. we’re gonna play this series for a long time. I played them when I was a Loyola and 4 out of 5 games were competitive and good and I think that’s what gets you ready for mid major play. You gotta play good team’s and Bucknell’s got a great program.”

“Our guys just came in and fought for 40 minutes. The guys who don’t show up in the stat sheet are Willem and Jimmy Paige, but gave us unbelievable minutes. The Marquis turned it on and Evan’s Evan.”

“Ryan’s banged up a little bit. I was trying to get some other guys motivated. He’s kinda like sore and hurt and tired so Jimmy Paige was ready and Maurice gave us some good minutes.”

On getting to the free throw line:

“It’s the product of only taking 9 three-pointers and not 29 which we emphasized in practice. That’s why I’ve got to really compliment Poole because when you say don’t take threes unless they’re good ones and guys are like, ok coach but then they don’t do it, there’s Rob Poole, a three-point shooter doing it saying I’m not gonna take a three. I’ll get to the line. I’ll throw the ball inside.”


“Marquis was just tremendous in transition. I had to yell at Marquis a little, like it’s time, it’s time. Like Brett’s not coming back or we don’t have this player back. It’s your time. You have to do it. Stop looking around. And, he did it. That’s why he’s a really good player because he wants to pass he ball and stuff but then he said, ok I’ve got to score.”

“It starts with Poole. Poole’s taken a lot of heat as have I. We deserve it. That’s how it goes. Rob Poole really answered the bell today I thought. Defensively especially.”

On only being called for 13 fouls:

“We finally got good refs. just kidding. Mike Kitts is my buddy. It’s funny. I really get along well with the refs. I grade them high. We had to stop fouling. Bu, you have to call fouls in practice. And then, we’re mixing in zone. We’re playing more zone. We pressed a little less. The answers not that hard. Play more zone and press less. When we got beat, at least we didn’t foul.”

“Bucknell’s good and watch out for them next year cause they’ve got everyone coming back.”

“Evan’s gonna do what Evan does all the time no matter what. It’s how he does it. His energy’s been great in practice. There was a key moment last week against Cornell why I took him out at halftime. We had tried to run a play and he did something I didn’t want him to do. I said, hello we’re teaching lessons here. You’re not starting the second half. Then, e was great in the layup line, the he came right back in the game and he was really good against Cornell and we weren’t.”

“He was good in practice. He was good in the film session. The Fordham thing woke him up. He didn’t play. He had to do an assignment and everything. I just said you’ve got like 20 games left. When I got back from Fordham he came into my office and said, ‘Basketball’s real important to me and we’re gonna turn this thing’. He said I’m playing my senior year out as hard as I can. Then I said, well then I’ll start you. It’s all about energy in practice and off the court and Evan’s fun to be around. He’s a smart guy. I actually think Evan’s a guy that can go and coach. Gary Williams though that too when he was here.”

“Lavon Long, he makes a lot of plays that don’t show up. Poole made a play where he tipped it, the guy hit and it went out of bounds and we score. That’s not on the stat sheet. Those are the plays Lavon makes.”

“I don’t know if Lavon’s gonna play against Fairfield. His answer today was if it was the MAAC Tournament I would be playing today. He’s another guy that does a lot of little stuff.”

“I think that was really important that we were down 10 and then came back. I was ready with 8 minutes to go and they tied it up to say we didn’t play perfect and if we had not won, that we’re on the road to recovery.”


Evan Hymes

On playing with passion:

“That’s one of my things. I just want to go out and give the team energy, be a leader. You see it on the board. It says passion and emotion and that’s one thing that Coach wants us to do and I’ll take that upon myself, being a senior. Being here for four years , knowing what it takes and that’s what I did.”


On stepping up as a senior:

“It flies by. I just wanted to come in and show the younger guys, cause they’re gonna be really good the next two or three years, to show them what it takes, passion and emotion and the love for the game. That’s what I’m trying to instill in them.”

“We’ve still got to come in focused. Fairfield, they’re 2-0 right now in the MAAC. They’re gonna be a tough team. We just want to work hard and continue to execute and everything else will take care if itself.”


Marquis Wright

“It all started from practice yesterday. We had a good practice and today we came out and everybody on the team was focused and wanted to play. Be (brought) energy and emotion from the beginning. It carried over to the game. I felt like Rob was more emotional. Evan, as always, he was very energetic today. I was emotional too. I feel like the whole team was. That’s what’s good about us.”

“They were telling me be more aggressive on offense. That’s what I started doing in the second half. It was working so I just kept at it.”

“We were talking on defense and that leads to offense.”

“He (Patsos) told us not to shoot threes in the first half and that’s mainly what was going through our heads. One dribble pull up and twos, feeding it inside, trying to get easy plays. I feel like we executed the plays well.”

On coming back from 10 points down:

“We stayed together as a team. Talking on defense was the main part and keep scoring our offense. I think that’s what we did well tonight.”

“I feel way better. The last two games if it (chest) got touched it hurt. Now I feel like I’m back.”

“It felt great. Everybody was into the game. Nobody really got mad once Coach yelled at them. this was a great, fun game. I feel like from here on out we have to play and be energetic and have passion about the game. We just have to take it one game at a time.”


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