Postgame Comments Following Win At Quinnipiac

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Postgame comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos, Rob Poole and Assistant Coach Lucious Jordan

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“The problem with these guys is they were dumb enough to take on my personality. I said well that’s nice cause Gary Williams and I will tell you nothing is gonna be easy in your life.”

“Tough resilient. Just a gutty win. It was a team effort.”

“We went to the Yale School of Drama today, one of the great places.”

“There 2 big guys are as good as there are in the country. They are averaging double-doubles. No one else in the country has that. So, I just said, ‘It’s ok to be a little afraid but remember school of drama. We have to act it out that you’re not afraid.”

“Brett Bisping gets better as the game goes.”

“MAAC’s gonna be a wild one. We got one left and then we go from there.”

“Poole’s been great. I actually thought he was trying to be too normal the first half and I got on him and said that’s not you. I want a little more feistiness.”

“Cruz was my call because we’ve been getting him ready cause he’s gonna start on Sunday. I thought we needed a little energy. If Steven Cruz’s not gonna motivate you, you’re not gonna be motivated. He just works so hard. He’s a great person. They love Cruz.”

“It was an emotional, physical game. Quinnipiac’s a great team. Don’t be surprised if theyre in the finals of the MAAC (Tournament). They have as good a chance to win it as anybody.


Rob Poole

On his big 3-point play

“I saw the ball come straight off the front. I just went up and it was probably the only rebound he missed all game. So, a little luck on us and I threw it back up with my left hand and it went in.”

“During half time Jimmy really got on me. He put my stats on the board and I saw I hadn’t made a shot so that also kinda helps too. The coaches push you a little bit.”


On how they are playing beyond expectations

“I think it’s because of Coach. Coach has really instilled toughness and hard work. We’ve got good players. We had a tough year last year but we came into this season thinking we’re gonna do well and that’s what’s been going on.”

“We’ve learned. We’ve had 8 or 9 close games. We finally learned how to win and close out close games. Make big shots, put the ball in the right guy’s hands. We put the ball in Lavon’s hands. Tough play by him going left, he got fouled and set us up to win the game.”


Assistant Coach Lucious Jordan

“Those guys are huge but our guys are tough. They’re fighting and we’re playing well at the right time of the season.”

“This is a great win. Now we have to refocus and come out and get a good win on Sunday.”


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