Postgame Comments Following Triple OT Loss To Canisius


Postgame comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos, Rob Poole and Brett Bisping

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“I’ll never forget. We (while at Maryland) lost a game, I think it was in overtime. It was in the Georgia Dome against Duke, in the ACC Tournament and it sucks when you lose and we lost, but Mike Krzyzewski went up and said, ‘That was one amazing basketball game’. That’s how I felt (tonight). That was a great basketball game.”

“The refs called a very good game. I know all three of those guys. They’re NCAA refs. That had nothing to do with the game.”

“That was a great basketball game and we lost. I’ve been in two great games in 3 days we just lost. Better to be in great games than bad games. When I took this program over I told you things would be interesting and fun. I didn’t say we’d win every game. I just said we would have fun, we would play hard and it would be an entertaining product. Cause we are in entertainment, college basketball. I wanna win like everybody else.”

“My analysis is we made some plays, they made some plays and then we didn’t.”

“When we had the lead a couple times I wanted to pack it in and make them make a jump shot and they layed it in.”

“The toughest part about leading a congregation, and I’ll certainly never be a pastor, not that it shocks anybody, is to get people to really believe.”

“Maybe we have to start believing. I think my coaching staff and I have earned the right to be believed. Not just from what we’ve done in the past but from what we’ve done this year and how hard we’ve competed. But in crucial situations I still see our team doing some things that, I blame myself for not doing a good enough job teaching.”

“Brett Bisping, Rob Poole, Lavon Long, Marquis Wright, you know Imoh’s a very effective defender. Javion really stepped up. I thought Ryan Oliver’s stats weren’t great but he really grinded. I was proud of Ryan today. But we’re still short a guy. I’m looking for an 8th man and I can’t seem to find one. I will find one.

“I’ll take responsibility. Those two losses are on me. I’m the coach and we didn’t execute certain situations.”

On the final offensive possession:

“I wanted someone to drive the ball and kick or maybe get it to the free throw line to Brett Bisping cause we had gotten it to him before. But, you have to work to get it. I’ll watch the game again but I know I saw a couple people standing. I wanted pass, cut through, pass cut through and then see if we could drive and dish it and possibly hit Brett bisping. I wanted to get the ball to the high post cause that has been pretty successful.

On Billy Baron:

“He’s an NBA second round pick. That’s my opinion. Or you can pick some guy from Yugoslavia that’s never gone play with the 58th pick. I’m not being cynical on the NBA although I am. If you look at the last 10 picks of the NBA draft it’s usually some guy from some country who’s locked up for 4 years in a contract. All I know if you don’t think that guy can play as a second round pick, I disagree with you.”

Are losses taking their toll on the players?

“No. I mean they want to win. They’re sad. There’s crying and everything. We were picked 10th. How much closer can we come? We’re working on it. We’ve just gotta get a little further.”

“I’m not gonna get into, I gotta get my guys in here, these are my guys. All of them.”

“I’m really proud of Ryan Oliver, stepping up and Javion making those free throws, they were big.”

“I’m proud of these guys all year long. We’ve had a tough schedule. The schedule the last couple years wasn’t like this. I got left this schedule and handled it. Took it. Vermont’s in 1st place. Albany’s in third place. LaSalle’s not doing the greatest in the A-10 but the Bonnies just beat somebody. Purdue beat Indiana by 27 points last night. We had to play them twice including at their court. I think Memphis is pretty good. St Joe’s is pretty good. Everyone in our league is playing really well.”

“Rob Poole’s been great. Poole’s fun to coach cause you challenge him and he steps up to it.”

“I lost OD Anosike the leading rebounder (nationally), Davis Martens and two kids whether they can play or not, played a lot of minutes. I inherited a team where Evan Hymes played some minutes and Rob Poole played minutes. That’s it.”

“I thought Brett did really good in the second half. Brett was a little shook as he should because that wasn’t a very good ending to the game (vs. Marist). I don’t blame Brett but he blamed himself which I appreciate. Brett shook it off at the end.”


Rob Poole

Rob Poole

“We’re gonna stay positive. That’s a really good team. Theyre one of the best teams in the MAAC and we had ‘em. We had ‘em just like we had Quinnipiac. We’re just gonna come bak and play really hard and get those other wins.”

On Billy Baron:

“He’s a tough player. He can get to the rim or shoot it. We didn’t get any stops at the end of the game. He took the game over. That’s what good players do and that’s what he did.”

“I haven’t been shooting the ball that great the past few games. But, I just got some extra shots in and I was open in the first half. Once I hit my first shot and my first two shots it makes you feel good, get your confidence going. Quis and everyone found me.”

“It’s tough, coming back from the Marist game but we came into the game thinking we were gonna win the game. We play great on the home court but they’re a good team, one of the best offensive teams in the MAAC. We just didn’t stop them. I thought we had them. We got though a couple overtimes then they made plays and we didn’t.”


Brett Bisping

“I thought we played good for most of the game but we came out short at the end. Gotta make free throws. Execute some plays. A lot of people played well. Rob played well. Ryan played well. Marquis played well. We just came up short. This one hurts.”

Despite this loss, would you say the team responded well after tough loss at Marist?

“Yeah, that’s one way to look at it but I think we have higher expectations of ourselves than that. We wanted to win this game so we didn’t achieve that. Now we just have to move on to the next one and start preparing.”

“They were playing some good defense. They were packing it in, playing zone a lot so we just weren’t  able to get anything out of it most of the time. Rob hit some tough shots in it but overall we weren’t getting much.”

“Obviously I knew I didn’t play well in the first half so I just didn’t want that to happen in the second half so I was coming out ready to go. I’m just trying to help my team. We’ve just got to come out with the win on that one.”

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