Postgame Comments Following Siena’s Overtime Loss To Quinnipiac


Postgame comments following Siena’s overtime loss to Quinnipiac from Jimmy Patsos, Marquis Wright, Evan Hymes and Rob Poole.

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Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“I always thought growing up in a hockey town had a profound effect on my life even though I didn’t play hockey. Tonight was like a tough hockey game and they won. They out-toughed us.”

“I’ll take responsibility as the coach. I didn’t have my team prepared well enough to play. Probably should have called time out with 10 seconds to go but I heard them say ‘switch’ so I figured they had a big guy and we had a guard. Like everyone else in America I thought either we’d get a foul called or then we’d kick it to Rob Poole who was sitting right there and is our best player.”

“I have a freshman point guard and they have a senior point guard. I think that’s what made tonight more on me.”

On trying to win the game when 6 people fouled out:

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go ask the referees? You guys never ask them any questions.” (laughs)

“We did great. We battled. We went to overtime. It was a good game and we lost.”

“They were picked third in the conference. We were picked tenth. We’re doing fine.”

“I’m appreciative of our fans. We’re very grateful.”

“We did have a lot of guys foul out. We’ve got to stop fouling. That’s all I can tell ya.”

On, were they trying to milk the shot clock in final few minutes?

“Nope. We were running our offense for quick hitters and I think if you look, we might have milked it a little but we actually had some really good looks like foul line jumpers that they made that we didn’t make. Once again it was my fault. I’m the head coach.”

On hoping to beat one of the top 4 teams in the MAAC abd coming up short:

“It means we’re not one of the big four. Oh, I forgot. I tell the truth. I’m sorry. I’ll spin it like everyone else in America. You know, we really tried hard…. No. We’re not as good as those four teams.”

“My friend Bill Parcells told me ‘It is what it is. Your record is what it is’.”

“We won at Cornell on a last second shot. We beat a great St. Bonaventure here on a last second shot. Because this one didn’t go our way… I don’t buy that, Oh we should have beaten them. No. we actually shouldn’t have. They’re a better team than us. They have 3 seniors starting and we don’t. They were picked ahead of us. I thought we tried really hard but we’re not as good as those 4 teams right now because we are collective, let’s see 0 and 5 against them.”

“Want me to spin it some other way? We’re 0 and 5 against the top 4 teams. It’s my fault. I’m not a good enough coach. I’ll work on that.”


 Marquis Wright

“It hurt really bad. We’ve just got to get them next time”

“It just came down to the hustle. Offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds.”

“We still competed till the end and ended up losing.

On Quinnipiac’s toughness:

“I think we matched it but just the calling of the game didn’t go our way. I guess they were just going harder to the basket.”

On the officiating:

“We can’t do anything about that.”


Evan Hymes

“We just didnt make shots down the stretch. We’ve just got to eliminate the fouls and we’ll be alright.


Rob Poole

“They just got to the free throw line, got offensive rebounds which was tough and then they made shots.”

“They out-toughed us. We didn’t get those rebounds, which was my fault. I just had 4 or 5 rebounds which isn’t enough playing a team like Quinnipiac.”

“It was real difficult. We didn’t have who we wanted to have in there at the end of the game. We probably would have won.”

“I still thought we played hard and fought hard. The loss is on me, fouling the guy at the end of the game. Coach told me not to foul the last play of the game (regulation) to just let him make the two. I fouled him which was an and-1 and it probably lost us the game.”

“We had the game with two minutes left. We just gave it to them which was tough. We fought hard but it just wasn’t enough.”

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