Postgame Comments Following Siena’s CBI Win Over Stony Brook


Postgame comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos, Marquis Wright, Imoh Silas, Brett Bisping, Rob Poole and Stony Brook coach Steve Pikiell

Jimmy Patsos

“I’d like to thank the CBI for picking us. Whether we won or lost that was a good experience.”

“Stony Brook’s good. I know they’re coming off a tough loss. We’re lucky we got that win. They probably wore out a little in the second half.”

“Jameel Warney, you can just see it. 15 and 10. He reminds me of (Jared) Sullinger who we played against at Ohio State when I was at Loyola. Once he gets it that deep he’s gonna score.”

“The commissioner’s here who did a great job for us. We represent the MAAC. There was a couple times I said a few things like this is for the league. We come from a tough league and I thought we were getting out-toughed and I’m not talking about the fight. I’m talking about the loose balls and 10 offensive rebounds in the first half. That’s toughness and I said that’s not us. That’s not Manhattan. That’s not Iona. That’s not Quinnipiac and that’s not us. They responded at halftime.”

“I can honestly tell you I did not see what happened. I was turning around talking to Mike Wolfe when the fight happened. The good news is they didn’t eject any of the players on the court. You can’t leave the bench. Those guys watch the NBA and that’s the way it goes. I heard Lucious say don’t leave the bench. That’s on them.”

On the whether skirmish got the team going:

“It can because we had 2,570 people in here. If there was no one in here …. I mean our arena’s loud. I felt good when the referee said, ‘You’ve got a good little crowd. I’ve done these before and p.s. they’re still yelling at me.’ I said yup. Welcome to Albany.”

“The crowd was into it. 2500 is a good number. I wanted more. But it was good for one day. I’ll be interested to see what happens on Monday.”

“Poole’s an emotional kid and Lavon Long, I told you before is like a locomotive. Ryan Oliver has continued to make big shots for us and I thought his length bothered them on some threes.”

“Ryan Oliver is long. Marquis is quick and Lavon and Poole are quick so they get to the corners so they can fly at the guys. We were lucky that Imoh Silas held his own.”

“I was on Brett Bisping a little. Brett’s one of those guys that just seems to play better when I yell at him so he’s got two more years of that. Brett Bisping is doing a yeoman’s job of trying to keep that guy that may play in the pros off. He’s gonna make some.”

“Marquis Wright having 6 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists is really good cause their guy’s good.”

“Our zone gets the pace going a little bit. They were breaking our press. I told you one thing I learned tonight that I have to figure out what they were doing against our press cause it worked.”

On if the team had to shake off any rust:

“Rust Never Sleeps, Neil Young. I gave them the halftime speech this is the post season. There’s no rust. These guys have never played in the post season. So we had a very good conversation at halftime, a back and forth conversation. I said you want a post season conversation? I’ll give you a post season conversation. WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE? You can’t give up second shots at home. I said we’re giving up offensive rebounds in front of all these people who came out to support us. What are you crazy? You can give up shots but you can’t give up offensive rebounds. Was it rust? I don’t know.”

“They’re pretty good. That team has gone to 4 out of 5 postseasons, 3 NIT’s. They’re coming off an emotional loss but forget all that. That’s a good team. They won 25 games two years ago. The beat UMass last year and that team’s in the NCAA. It was a good win for us now we just gotta see if we can get another one on Monday and I hope everyone comes.”


Marquis Wright

“It feels great to keep playing. Coming in we were excited to play and ready to play and we came out with the win. It’s just a great feeling. We’ve just got to keep going from here.”

“It felt like we started off slow and then when that (fight and ejections) happened it kinda felt like we had to do it for them.”

“When the crowd gets into it that’s when we get into it and then we try to do it for them.”

“It was a good competitive game. Their big man is good. We had trouble in the beginning but then we started throwing different things at him.”

On Jimmy’s halftime “discussion”:

“It helped a lot. But he shouldn’t have to do that for us to be fired up and ready to play. But, it happened and it worked.”

“It’s great to actually have another home game on Monday.”


Imoh Silas

On Warney:

“He’s a big boy, 260 so I just tried to front him. He’s a really good player and I respect that. All we could do was just keep fighting. Brett did a good job helping and Javion did a good job. We knew he was their best scorer so we tried to make their other guys do the work.”

“It’s awesome having the season continue. We’re just looking forward to who we play next.”


Brett Bisping

On team responding after the altercation:

“I think it did take us a little while to get going as a team so we did kinda thrive off of that.”

“Jimmy made the point at halftime that this could be our last game until next November, 15th and he said if you guys just want to be done then that’s it. But, no one in here wants to be done and go out on that kind of note. We all want to win. So we responded.”

“Things were getting a little heated. There was some pushing, elbows thrown, just playing a little chippy and dirty and any time someone’s coming at one of our team mates like that we’re not gonna just let that happen. No as far as throwing a punch or anything but as far as playing harder and making sure we win that game.”


Rob Poole

“Coach always comes in at halftime with a good talk and that was great for us. He got us to come out and play our game and win. He talked about not giving up and pointed to the board where it said, ‘It’s worth it!’ I thing we all responded to that.”

On the skirmish and physical play fueling the team:

“It was good. It was fun. It’s nice to have a little of that. It brings competitiveness to the game and brings a little energy and that really helped us out a lot.”

“We have great fans and they’re always gonna support us and I think without them we don’t win that game.”

“We’re gonna try to win that game (on Monday). Penn State or Hampton, we’re just gonna try to put on a good show for the fans.”


Stony Brook coach Steve Pikiell

“I wanna congratulate Siena. I thought they played well and played hard. I thought we played well in the first half and didn’t play well in the second half so they get to keep playing.”

On the altercation changing the game:

“I guess it did cause it was soon after that it was foul, foul, foul. It was a really physical game. From the start it was really, really physical. Screens were being set, a little shoving and pushing. Afrer that they blew the whistle for the rest of the game.”

“He (Patsos) is a real good coach. He’s got them playing hard. They have real good energy and play tough.”

“We played Iowa last year and Iowa set a thousand screens and I said they (Siena) are  gonna play just like Iowa plays. We actually watched some Iowa tape cause this is how they play. Setting a lot of screens and you have to be able to fight through them. They (Siena) did a good job. The physicality of the game was really evident on their end.”

“We really wanted to load up on Poole and obviously he scored 20 points so we didn’t do a good job on him.”

“I was real pleased. I thought we came ready to play. It was a high level game in the first half. I thought we got off the mat and I was pleased with that I just wish we played better in the second half cause we’re better than that. It was a tough game the other day and we were excited to come up and play a good Siena program with a lot of  tradition and all that.”

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