Postgame Comments Following Siena Women’s Win Over Iona

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Postgame comments following Siena women’s MAAC Quarterfinal win over Iona:


Siena coach Ali Jaques

“Really kind of a tale of two halves. I thought we started out really, really strong, had a lot of energy. Iona, as talented as they are, made a really good push at the end of the first half but like our team has been all year long we’ve been resilient. We’ve never quit. To be able to have the second half that we did from a rebounding standpoint and from a three free-throw standpoint, getting back to how we’ve been successful, getting the ball inside and finishing and getting to the free-throw line, being tough inside that played in our favor tonight.”

“Tehresa Coles is one of the best defensive players that I’ve ever had the chance to coach. She’s all heart and guts and for her to be able to hold a pro, Damika is a pro, for Teresa to be able to hold her to 12 points, yes it was a group effort because Emia guarded her, in our in our match up a lot of people did. I challenged Tehresa pretty strongly and she responded because that’s what tough, great players do. Really proud of our defensive effort. It’s a good win.”

“We have unbelievable assistant coaches. They’re awesome. The scouting report that we put together, they get a lot of the credit. They do all the dirty work. I love our staff.”

“I think usually I have a pretty decent feel for our team but at halftime I looked at our assistant coaches I was like, ‘Do I need to fire them up or do I need to just be calm?’ and they were like. Fire them up!’ That takes a lot of work. I was out of breath after the first four minutes.  We challenged them a little bit… aggressively and they responded.”

“The day off is going to be great. We’re going to go support our men’s team. We’re going to walk through some things at practice. Practice for us when we play with one day off, we really just walk through and shoot free throws because of the situation we’ve been in all year and it’s worked for us.”

“I don’t know how you beat Quinnipiac right now but if you know anybody who does give them my number. I’ll give it to you afterwards. I can use all the help we can get.”

“I’ll say this about our team we got picked 10th. We’ve got seven players. So we found a way all your long. There’s no reason we can’t find a way to keep it close and see what happens Sunday.”

“First time we played Iona they really took it to us and we didn’t have an answer. At their place we did a good job of pounding the ball inside and our post players played tremendously. Our guards only scored five points that game so we had to find some balance. We talked about reversing the ball and attacking off the dribble. Teresa made two drives late in the game, I don’t know how one went in. It was a concerted effort, something we talked about, reversing the ball and trying to beat them off the dribble. We found a way today.”


Tehresa Coles

“Definitely one of our strengths is our ability to really get after it and really give it our all. Defense is something that our coaches were harping on us the past couple weeks and I think we’ve improved on it. I think that momentum and just the energy that we’re getting off of each other and the coaches we just really feed off of it. Towards the end it’s do or die in that situation so we just gave it everything we had and it worked.”

“I feel absolutely amazing about where we are right now as a team because our chemistry is great. We’re playing together and we really are at a place where we can constructively help each other on the court and no one takes it to heart because we know it’s coming from a good place. Everything is coming from a great place, the coaches, the players and everyone’s just got their mind on their business right now and we’re getting it done. So it feels really good to be where we’re at right now.”

“It’s amazing to be able to still play. It’s do or die going into this game. You never know what’s going to happen. They’re a very talented team and we knew what we were going up against. We also knew what we had to bring to the table. The way we played today and what we have to bring to the game against Quinnipiac on Sunday, I’m really excited about where we’re at. It’s another day to live, another day to play and I can’t wait.”


Margot Hetzke

“Joy Adams and DuPree are nothing to laugh at in the post. Joy is incredible and she also has great sportsmanship so I want to give her a shout out for that. Those games are always fun to play in.”

“I definitely agree with T that there was a lot of love on the court between the Siena girls and the coaches.”

“It really was all about us getting fired up and Coach did a great job of that at halftime. She was winded. It was funny. That really changed the way that we were looking at the game. I think we all came in at the half saying man we were up and now look what happened but that really got us fired up.”

“T with the technical free throws at the end of the game that was the moment where Ida turned to me at half court and she goes alright, ‘Tough like T for the rest of the game.’ That’s what everyone did.”


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