Postgame Comments Following Siena Women’s Senior Day Win

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After their Senior Day win over St. Peter’s in the final game of the regular season, an emotional Siena coach Ali Jaques and seniors Ida Krogh and Tehresa Coles reflected on what has been a special season as they head into the MAAC Tournament. Here are their postgame comments:

Ali Jaques:

“18 and 11 says a lot about these guys and how tough they are. We’ve had 7 players since December 5th and it hasn’t mattered and it hasn’t phased us. We never cried about it. We never moped about it. We never said, Why me? We just said try me.”

“I’m just really, really proud of these two seniors and the fact that they’ve been able to accomplish what they have.”

“It was hard, really hard. There were some times where especially when Bri got hurt. It was really hard. There were some tough days. What I can honestly say is that the relationship that I have with these two has brought us through that. Whether it’s Ida offensively or Tehresa defensively. They just trust and they bought in and so everybody else did. Last year was really, really frustrating. But these two took that personally. Their leadership has allowed everybody in the locker room to fight for them and I love them and they’re awesome and I don’t want them to graduate.”

“It’s funny. In taking over this program I had a great leader in Lily our first year. Last year was really hard. You never know what you’ve really got until you have to fight and these two have really fought. They fought for each other. They fought for me and I have a really special relationship with both of them. I’m really proud of that. It’s not just a relationship that ends when the last buzzer sounds. It’s a relationship that will last for a long time. That’s a great reward of coaching.”

“From a production stand point I’m really excited about the talent we have coming in but from a leadership standpoint we’ve got some work to do.  We definitely have some people that are gonna have to step up and try to fill really, really big shoes.”

Ida Krogh

“After our season last year we won 9 games and now we won double, 18. Nobody gave us any credit and then we got down to only seven players and we just pulled it together.”

“It was really emotional first of all. The way we played. The way the whole team stepped up for us in the end and we won, got a W out if it. It’s just amazing. There’s no better feeling than to end senior year like that.”

Tehresa Coles

On becoming just the sixth player in MAAC  history to reach 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists and 250 steals for her career:

“It’s an honor. I feel like I’m grouped with a bunch of really talented players, people who have done a lot in this conference. I’m honored to be recognized for that but I just really want to win honestly. That’s the only reason I was even able to get that because I wanted to do what I can for my team. My team has gotten me to where I am.”

“If you would have told me this was gonna  be our record the first day of practice, Coach brought this us the other day, that we were gonna end the (regular season) 18-11, I probably would have been a little surprised cause I didn’t know what to expect. Sitting here now, knowing how much hard work we’ve put in and how far we have come and where we are at as a team, I’m not surprised. I’m honestly just really proud. Because we’ve done what we are capable of doing. And we can do even more. So I’m excited to see where we get to.”

“Each year has been so different. This year being absolutely amazing, It’s been rewarding. I feel like every single year I have taken something from it and it contributed to where I am now. I feel like it’s helped me become the player I’ve become.”

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