Postgame Comments Following Siena Women’s Loss To Marist

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Postgame comments from Siena coach Ali Jaques, Siena junior Kelsey Booth and Marist coach Brian Giorgis.

Siena coach Ali Jaques

“Really proud of our team’s effort in this tournament. It’s been an up and down season for us at times. I think we played the best game of our year yesterday. I thought we had some moments today where we really competed.”

“Marist, their record speaks for itself. They’re top to bottom one of the toughest teams on any level that I’ve coached. They just put it all together and they play really hard and they’ve got some seniors and they get it and Brian does a great job so give them a lot of credit.”

“I think their defense is tremendous. Honestly for us to score 65 points today, that was hard. They have a very good defensive team.”

“It’s always tough when that’s it and the season’s over and what you do tomorrow. But I know that I’ve got a player sitting next to me (Kelsey Booth) who’s gonna be going in to her senior year who worked harder than anybody else on our team did. (She) didn’t really play that much my first year at Siena but has proven in the short time we’ve been together that she’s become one of our most dependable players and I’m really proud of her. She’s not done. She’s got one year to go.”

“I think our seniors coming back, Ida, Kelsey and T Coles really proved down the stretch of this season that they can handle it. I’m looking forward to the future.”

“I’m thankful for our four seniors and what they did for the program over four years. But, I’m excited for the future of our program.”

“She wears the best number ever. 44 is the greatest number ever and she does it proud. Last year was very frustrating for Kelsey and she had a kind of a breaking point in the Spring. It was, what are you gonna do in your final two years? Kelsey got in the gym every single day and changed her body and became fit and she became a rebounding threat. She became a three-point threat but more than any of that because she was so invested and because she worked as hard as she did through all the trials that we had the season. She was the most positive, always the first one cheering for someone else, always brought great energy to practice. When you’re struggling like our team struggled this year at times it’s really hard to for that.”

“We had 9 people stretching and they had 14. Our roster’s been depleted all year. We’ve had injuries. We’ve had a few departures from our roster. But, I know the nine kids we had on the bench were committed and gave everything they could.”

“I don’t think their defense gets enough credit and we struggle to score at times. They’re tough to score on. They’re big. They’re physical. They’re strong.”

“Great head coaches like Brian Giorgis, their teams embody who they are. They’re meticulous. They’re precise. They don’t turn the ball over. They make open shots. They’re just conditioned to play that way. He does a tremendous job.”

“I’m really excited about the players we have committed coming in next year and we’re not done yet. It takes time to rebuild.”


Kelsey Booth

On getting a tournament win over Manhattan before falling to Marist

“I think everybody was really happy and really proud of the way we were finally able to come together and play the way that we should have all year. We should have played that way all year.

“We’ve struggled so much and it just feels so great to know that that’s what we can do. And, that’s what we will do next year.”


Marist coach Brian Giorgis

“They’re a team whose record is deceiving cause they’ve played everybody tough. Somehow they’ve had trouble with us. It’s that second game in two days and we’re fresh. I kind of expected them to be right there,”

“It’s kind of tough for a team that’s had the season that they’ve had to come back when you’re down by 17 at halftime against a team you haven’t had success against. I thought they played extremely hard, really aggressive and did some nice things.”


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