Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over St. Peter’s


Postgame comments following tonight’s win over St. Peter’s:

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“I was really impressed with our team’s defense tonight. I think we caught St. Peter’s on an off night. I’m not looking forward to playing John Dunne’s team down there.”

“Marvin Dominique is a great newcomer to our league. I’ve seen him. He missed some shots lucky, for us and Dezi Washington’s a good player. They’re good players. They weren’t as good tonight.”

“Rebounding was impressive. To get that many rebounds, including Marquis, that one I’ve got to give to the players. That’s on them. They did a great job.”

“Rob Poole wasn’t gonna let us lose that game in the second half. Poole gets the credit as a player for the win.”

“We’re gritty at home. John’s team is tough. They missed free throws. I thought that was the one thing.”

“I know from the three, John and I will have a laugh this summer and maybe say next time we play with no three-point line. 2-12 and 3-16 I don’t think him and I are gonna be doing the shooting clinic at the NCAA convention this year.”

Marquis Wright’s 9 rebounds “That was pretty good. He’s just athletic. We have a thing where it’s everybody’s job to rebound. Imoh might not be getting rebounds ’cause he’s boxing his guy out and Brett’s not exactly flying through the air. It’s not his game, so sometimes they’re holding their guys off and Marquis goes and gets it.”

“Poole and Marquis have this thing where they rebound for guards and that’s an instinct thing. I appreciate that as a coach.”

“Evan played well but he didn’t shoot the ball.”

Evan passing… “Very good. I thought he played good defense too. Sometimes the first thing that goes with Evan is his defense. I’m not criticizing him we’ve had this talk. I’ve said this a million times, you’ve got to be like Michael Adams. You’ve got to be a real pain on defense and he’s picking that up. That takes a lot out of your legs so maybe he’s missing shots but he actually took good shots. The seven assists were good. The playing defense was good. When I was getting on certain guys he’s good cause he sits next to me so he’s learning. That’s called coaching. Its not criticizing its coaching.”


Lavon Long

“We played great. I’m very proud of our team. They came out. They sustained the lead, got multiple stops. It was just great all around.”

“We raised our level of game. We knew that their two best players (Dominique and Washington) take all the shots so whoever was playing them just had to strap up.”

Out-toughing the opponent: “That’s always a goal. I feel like we should always try to out-tough their team because once they start feeling bad, stuff just doesn’t go their way.”

“If we’re not hitting outside shots we definitely try to get to the basket. That’s exactly what our guards did and our bigs.”

Approach to rebounding: “Crash the boards. Coach told us they were a really good rebounding team so go to the boards hard and make sure you get it.”

On getting the win: “It puts us in the right state of mind because we know we are a good team and we can win. It puts us good in the brackets. We definitely moved up there and it gives our team confidence down the road.”

Rob Poole

“Marquis had 9 rebounds and he’s a point guard which is great. He’s one of the best rebounding point guards in the league. Brett had 5. I had 6. Lavon had 7. I think everybody played great down low and we took it personal. They’re a great rebounding team as well. They’re tough. They play great D so we just had to come out and work.”

Toughness: “I still think we need to get better at it. In spurts we play tough. In spurts we don’t play tough. You’ve got to play tough all the time, even when you’re away from home.”

“Coach is a good dude. He got into me at halftime which was nice. So, I just wanted to come out and play hard and win.”


Marquis Wright:

“Coach Patsos always tells us ‘Attack pressure’ so that’s what we did today.”

“We played tough, crashing the boards. Offensively and defensively.”

“Coach Patsos tells me everyday, ‘get in there and rebound, help Brett and Imoh’, so that’s what I do.”

Shutting down Dominique and Washington: “That’s who we were mainly focused on. We contained them both.We did a great job on that and the other players also.”

On Hymes 7 assists, 2 to Wright: ” That’s great. With him looking for me and me looking for everybody else. That’s just good basketball.”

“We attacked the basket and everybody crashed the offensive boards then we got second chance shots.”

Screening: “We work on it everyday in practice. In the beginning of the season we were getting called for a lot of illegal screens. So we just tell the big men to stay still and the guards have to wait for the screen.”

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