Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Niagara


Here are the postgame comments following Siena’s 79-69 win over Niagara:

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“Evan Hymes gave us a great start but Rob Poole just wouldn’t let us lose that game.”

“Niagara’s tough. They made a couple threes there at the end. He’s got a good young team. They drive the ball.”

“I was really bummed Poole didn’t get one more rebound cause he really deserved a double-double for how hard he was playing.”

On going back to Long and Ogunyemi who were in foul trouble when the lead was cut to four:

“I couldn’t wait any longer. I got a little nervous. The reason I like Javion and Lavon in there is Lavon takes it out and against the press Javion catches it and he’s pretty good at it. I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Of course I believe the players. I said, ‘Can you guys play with fouls and not foul out?’ They go yeah and two minutes later Lavon’s sitting next to me.”

“I think we had a really good meeting after Iona. Everybody knows I was upset. I told them maybe I want to win too much and Hymes stood right up and said, ‘No, no, no. None of that b.s. to me. We wanted to win. You wanted to win. We’re good. Then we watched the tape and saw us come back and take the lead against Iona. I acted like a jerk the last game. I just wanted to win more and things happen.”

“Evan was the one who said,  ‘We want to win the league this year Coach. This is my senior year and we like that you want to win.’ When a player says that it means a lot to you. He carried that over to his actions on the court today.”

“That one time-out Poole was mad at everybody. He yelled at me and I said, ‘Sorry Rob you’re right. Whatever, We’re cool.’ I tried to hug him. It’s ok. He was like we’re not losing this game and we’re gonna get better. We lost last time on this court and we’re not losing on this court. I was like all in. Ready to like do whatever you want and join the protest.”

“The reason I was calmer tonight was, it wasn’t the league memo, just kidding. I said we’re 13 games in. It’s time for you to be emotional or passionate.”

“If you check their hands, Marquis said I want a letter and I gave him the letter P for passionate. Then Lavon put his hand out and I gave him an E for energy. Then Ryan wanted a letter and I gave him an E for enthusiasm. I said it’s gotta come from you. It can’t come from me.”

“I was like I don’t dislike you guys. I love them. We love our team. We’re fine. Can we get where we want to go with what we have? I said I think we can. I cant like hug you or throw tables. I’m singing the Beatle’s “All You Need Is Love” the other day and making them sing along with me. We have to decide what we want to do hear. I’ll sing. I’l do whatever you want. But, I said if you’ll do it, we’ll be good and then they did it. That’s a true story.”

On the departure of Patrick Cole:

“Totally a community decision.” Complete comments here.


Walk-on Jimmy Merril

On the first points of his career coming on a slam dunk:


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“It’s crazy. It felt amazing. I tried to run the floor hard. ‘Quis hit me with a perfect pass and I just went up with two (hands).”

“I’ve been dreaming about trying to dunk in a DI game for so many years now. I’m just thankful Coach Patsos gave me the opportunity. It just worked out perfectly. It’s a crazy feeling right now. I’m super excited.”

Marquis Wright

On assisting on the Merrill dunk:

“It was very exciting. I was gonna pull the ball out. He was running hard and I saw him and I was like I’ve got to get the ball to him. So, I gave it to him and he finished it strong.”

“Everybody followed Evan’s energy from the beginning. When we came out from half-time I felt like we got a little lackadaisical but again we stayed together as a team and pulled out the win.”

What was said when the lead was cut to four:

“Keep our composure. Stay calm and try to get the score back up and that’s what we did. It’s very important cause Coach was telling us they were gonna come back and we’ve got to hold it down. I think it’s a good lesson that we still kept our composure and got the win.”

Rob Poole

On the Merrill dunk:

“I looked in the back and I saw Jimmy catch it and go right in the lane and dunk it. Probably the highlight of his life so I’m happy for him.”

“Jimmy dunks more that anyone on the team. He dunks everything on layups. When he does stuff like that, dunks the ball, we’re jacked up. It’s a good team morale thing so it’s really nice.”

“We were lucky we had Evan to start us off with great energy in the beginning and kept us going. Niagara’s a tough team. They kept coming back. Don’t lose the game for God’s sake. We were up 19 to nothing. We were playing great. We were lucky. Lavon got a big offensive rebound and killed it and brought us back.”

 Evan Hymes

On the Merrill dunk:

“I saw the outlet. Rob threw it to Quis. Quis was gonna dribble it out and Jimmy was running so hard to the front of the rim, what Coach is telling him to do everyday in practice and he did it. Quis hit him in stride and he was waiting for that moment probably since he got here and he got it. Good job for him.”

On his role in the big early start:

“Just being that emotional leader. Coach in our pregame today was saying, ‘Be more emotional. Be more passionate.’ That’s what we did. Me and Rob, we definitely take that upon ourselves being seniors and we’re tying to get that done.”

“Me and Rob definitely know we only have 14 or 15 games left and it goes by fast. We just want to make sure that we instill into the young guys to continue to work hard cause it will go by and you don’t want to waste any games.”

“J and Lavon got into foul trouble and they (Niagara) made their little run. We just needed to knuckle down on the defensive end. They were getting straight line drives to the front of the rim. Niagara’s a great team and we needed to get those stops. One stop turned into two and we scored on the other end. That’s when we got the bigger lead.”

 Lavon Long

On the Merrill dunk:

“It was unexpected but I am so happy for him. He did his thing. He got his opportunity and took it.”

“I feel like when they give it to me in the post they expect me to score or make a play so that’s what I try to do. Most of the time I can score on my man but if they help over I can dish it out to Rob or Evan or one of them and they hit the shot.”

On what he sees from Hymes and Poole:

“Passion. They really have the desire to win. Evan really started it off with the first steal of the game. Everyone wanted to match his intensity. It’s big. When they play well usually the team follows. Everyone wants to play hard and there’s no room for slacking.”

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