Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Marist



Comments from Jimmy Patsos, Evan Hymes, Marquis Wright and Brett Bisping following Siena’s win over Marist.

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“They came in and gave us all we asked for. I actually think they outplayed us in the first half. We just had a couple minutes there where we made some shots.”

“I’m proud of the team. Very proud of the players. I didn’t think we played particularly well. I didn’t think we played bad. Don’t get me wrong. I thought we did a lot of good things but it wasn’t one of our best games, but we still won and that’s a sign of a good team.”

“Robert Olsen and Anthony Winbush who played for me are here tonight. Rossiter’s here who played for Siena and Owen Wignot who I know for a long time. Those guys were like, ‘hey ugly win but great win’. When players say that you know what they mean because it could have gone either way.”

“Those guys can shoot threes and they’re a well-coached team. They’re gonna cause a lot of problems especially as the year goes.”

“Evan Hymes really good off the bench. Brett Bisping has just continued to carry us. I thought Poole did some good things. Marquis has got to learn to play more minutes. That was a joke. He played 39 minutes. Marquis is just doing whatever it takes and that’s tough. They were pressing him and Heart’s strong.”

“A couple guys have got to play better. I talked to Lavon Long. I’m not saying Lavon didn’t play well. We’re gonna need him in different situations to handle the ball, play with a little more intensity. We need Lavon to play a little better if we’re gonna try and beat Iona cause Lavon’s really good. Lavon’s a really good player he just gets disinterested once in a while. I thought him and Maurice White, I said I’m really disappointed in the two Baltimore kids acting like you’re a little disinterested in tonight’s game cause that’s not what we do in Baltimore. Whether it’s the Ravens, Loyola, when I coached at Maryland, we play with intensity and hunger till the end of the whistle. So, we’ll have a chat about that tomorrow.”

“Hardest worker I’ve said before, Brett Bisping. I met his father. It’s that farm Illinois thing. His dad works for Caterpillar. He’s got a work ethic. He’s a high-character kid, great grades. I think all that stuff is connected. I really do. That started day 1.”

“Rossiter’s in the locker room saying, ‘see I got Brett going’. Rossiter was around a lot this summer. When Ryan Rossiter stops playing I’d love him to be a coach with me. He’s smart. Gets it. He’s a nice person with great grades but plays really mean. I think Rossiter this summer told Brett it’s ok to run for Congress but for the two hours you’re playing basketball. I can tell them all I want but Ryan Rossiter’s picture is on the wall for a reason and Brett bought into that.”

“Great arena, great crowd. I was very happy with the crowd, Friday night crowd a lot of things going on high school basketball, fifty-eight hundred is fantastic. Great fan base. You better do the dirty work. If you’re not gonna hustle in front of this crowd, you’re not gonna hustle this year. They bring us energy.”

“They went and played a lot of zone and they ran and trapped, kinda got us out of sync. So, we couldn’t capitalize on that energy offensively. I thought we stood around a little but the end of the half was good. We got defensive stops.”

“Poole continues to just grind.”

“Sometimes they get upset at Imoh and I said I really like bounce passes. It’s a little thing that started with Tom Davis. Bounce passes are better for big men. They hear it hit the floor. He was a doctor, Tom. I am no doctor. Maybe a mixologist doctor from my 10 years in the bar business in Georgetown but we’ll save that for another day. They’re trying to feed him like he’s Hakeem Olajuwon. I said he’s from Nigeria but that’s about all they have in common ok.”

“Imoh is working hard. He’s playing defense, running around. Imoh and Brett are working as hard as any two big men I’ve coached together.”

“I thought Evan tried to make too many plays. Just go lay it in, get to the rim. Get fouled. Don’t in your mind say I’m gonna go and pass it. Basketball’s a reaction. Just go and if you see him bounce it. After that Evan was good in the second half.”

“He picked up a T in the first half. It was not on me. I’m gonna say it again that it was not on me. The technical foul was not on me. So, I was a little upset with him for that. He said he yelled a curse word. He said whatever he said that he was upset with himself and he yelled a curse word and I don’t know who taught him those so I forgave him.”

“I just took him out cause I felt like when he turned it over the next time he was mad at himself and he turned it over again. I didn’t yell or anything I just said take a minute. Get it together we’re fine. We’re up 5 but we need you. And, he was good. Some guys need a pat on the butt some might need a kick in the butt.”

“Evan’s gonna be a coach someday. That’s what he wants to do so we’ve been chatting about that.”

On Chavaughn Lewis, 11 points on 4-10 shooting: “I was surprised at that. I had him marked down for 20. Tough. I wanted him at Loyola. I know Siena wanted him. He’s a good player, tough kid.”


Evan Hymes

On Patsos: “When his intensity manifests throughout the team we’re gonna be a dangerous team. Brett’s playing at a high level. Robbie’s gonna make some shots. Little key pieces here and there. We’ll be fine.”

“The one thing I admire about coach, no matter what we’re doing he’s gonna give 110%. We could be walking through. We could be just shooting around. He’s gonna give 110%. And that’s the passion and love that he has for the game. You can really respect him for that.”

“We’re just playing great right now. We just gotta continue to buy in to what coach wants us to do.”

“He drew up some great plays today to break the press. Some great plays for Robbie off some screens. As soon as we as a whole buy into what coach wants us to do we’ll be a dangerous team.”

“It was on the board “Defense for 40 minutes”. That’s what we did tonight.”

On the Home Crowd: “It’s a lot of fun. They come out and support us day in and day out and we just want to go out and give it our all for them. Coach definitely wants to build on that and tells us go out and play hard for the fans and that’s what we do.”

“In practice I take definitely take mental notes of what coach is saying and I just try to go out on the court and lead my team. We’re getting wins right now so we’ve just got to continue to work.”


Marquis Wright

On playing against bigger, strong guards: “It’s like playing against Pat (Cole) and different guards on our team in practice. It was tough matchups but we held strong and got the win.”

“Every coach has taught me to play calm. If I get too up under pressure then I might fall apart. But if I stay calm, know my team is with me and the coaches, then everything will be good.”

“When I was younger I used to get frustrated a lot. But growing up I learned to just be calm and more things will come to me.”


Brett Bisping

“Marquis had 7 assists. I think quite a few of those were to me so that makes it easy there. And, I made some free throws too.”

On Kemp being out: “That’s not something we really think about. We more focus on us and our game.”

“We had a little lapse but we just try to keep playing disciplined basketball and stick to our game plan. We gotta trust Jimmy. He hasn’t let us down. We trust him.”

“I just come out every day and I try to play hard. Sometimes the ball bounces my way and sometimes it doesn’t. Today I got a few more rebounds than I normally do. The ball was bouncing my way.”

On home winning streak: “We attribute that to our fans a lot. We really appreciate all the support we get through our ups and downs and we want to say ‘Thank You for that’. It’s kind of a pride thing. You want to protect your corner. Protect your home court so that’s part of it too.”

On facing Iona on Sunday: “We’re already thinking about it. We’ll come in tomorrow and prepare for that. It’s on to the next one. That’s how it works, quick turnaround is part of basketball especially this time of year when it starts to pick up. But, we’ll be ready. It’s gonna be fun.”

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