Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Marist


Siena head coach Jimmy Patsos

“6,800 people’s amazing. I want to thank the fan’s for coming out on a Friday night. We had some alums in the house too, most notably Steven Cruz who was in our locker room and gave a halftime speech. He gets all the credit.”

“Cruz talked about how he’s been out of school for 7 months. nobody’s given him a pair of sneakers. Nobody’s given him any pizza. Nobody’s asked him how he is feeling. Nobody asked him if he wanted to sleep till 10:00 or 10:30 on the road, It’s pretty interesting when a (former) player says, ‘You guys have it great. No one gives you anything when  you leave here so fight to protect what you’ve got.””I think we played like that in the second half, like nobody was going to give us anything.”

“Steven Cruz, he should ben on the Rubio ticket. I’d vote.”

“Everybody’s trying, no lack of effort. The fans were great, the students were great. I really thought the crowd energized us to get that win.”

“We did the whole game-plan without him (Poole). He came in this morning and said he felt good. I said we did everything for Ryan (starting). He said, I’m cool. I’ll come off the bench. That’s why Poole is a great teammate. “

“He (Poole) was fiery. I liked the fire I saw early.”

“They’re good. Look out for them. That’s a different Marist team than what’s been playing all year. Mike’s doing a really good job at Marist. he can really coach. He’s won a national title at Williams. He was John Belein’s assistant for ten years. I’m telling you right now, good luck whoever plays them next cause they’re good.”

“10 threes again. We’ve just got to stop giving up 10 threes a game. I’m trying. Doing the best I can without flipping out completely. On the other hand at least we made 7.”

“As far as free throws (20-32), Lucious Jordan’s the free throw coach, you can ask him. No. I’m only kidding but it was Lucious Jordan’s scout. That’s why I turned to him and said, ‘Are you telling them to make the free throws?’ He said, ‘Of course I am.”

“We’ve got to get better at making some plays down the stretch.”

On the defense during the 20-2 run:

“It was real good.We went 3-2 (zone defense) instead of the 2-3. That’s what’s weird about coaching, we went 2-3 and played it great against Niagara and our 3-2 didn’t work. Our 2-3 didn’t work tonight, our 3-2 did.”

“They made a couple late threes. One time Lavon said he forgot to put his hand up. I said you know what, we’re gonna win because instead of instead of saying something dumb he said it’s my fault. I said okay no problem. We’ll be fine.”

“We’re growing, We did some of that at Niagara. We’ve done some of that here. I still think the 34-point loss at Canisius effected us in a good way, in a weird kinda way.”

“We’re gonna need Evan Hymes to do more. He’s fine but I think he’s gotta score more points on Sunday for us and I think he will.”

“Really good team effort, proud of the team and I wanna thank Cruz and all the alums for coming back cause it really helps when they’re around.”


Steven Cruz

“It felt like I never left. It was a great opportunity to be with the guys. I missed them so much. I don’t think people normally get that opportunity to come back and sit on the bench. I got the best seat in the house. That was awesome. it reminded me of the good times.”

On his halftime speech:

“Just motivating these guys. A lot of us were kinda down. It was a tied game playing hard. We just shouldn’t be scared of being the old team. We’ve been playing through all types of adversity. I feel like we’re a really good team.”

“I’m always following the team. It feels like I’m always there. it’s good to follow these guys online but today was a whole different experience.”

“I’m currently in grad school and I’m also a head coach for a J.V. team back at my high school, LaSalle Academy. A lot of the other coaches that know me call me ‘Baby Patsos’. I’ve gone through 2 clipboards so I’m proud of myself. I snapped 2 clipboards in half, I’m like alright, good. Got them fired up.”


Rob Poole

“I’m a senior and time is running out. I cant miss any more games.”

On the second half:

“I only had 3 points in in the first half. I thought to myself if I’m one of the better players in the league I can’t have 3 points on the first half. I came out in the second half and made some shots. I was just really excited.”

“Jimmy just said you’re starting Poole. I said alright. I was pretty mad  in the locker room so he put me in for the second half.”

“In the 3-2 defense we really stopped the drive. They’re a really good driving team. Khallid Hard and Chavaughn Lewis like to get to the rim and we kept them on front of us and forced them to make three-point shots.”

On the return of Steven Cruz:

“I thought it was great. Cruz is our family member. We love him. fun and happiness.”


Marquis Wright

“Second half, we just brought a lot of energy and played together as a team and really talked on defense.”

“We were more under control and staying calm. If they make a shot, we’ve got to go back at them. That’s what Coach wants us to do.”

“Poole was shooting the ball great an that’s what we need him to do. I’m glad that he’s back.”

On Cruz:

“He’s family and it’s just great to see him.”


Javion Ogunyemi

On the second half:

“We just did a good job of running our offense. In the first half I thought we were being a little bit too patient and not aggressive. Coach told us before the second half if you see a lane, just go. Our guards did a great job and we threw the ball inside and made jump shots too.”

“Rob was just really aggressive. It was good we got him going in the second half. it was good to have him back.”

On Steven Cruz’s return:

“It was big. Cruz has been everybody’s favorite since they’ve been here. I remember when I came on my visit he was one of my favorite people. It was just great to have Cruz back.”

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