Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Fordham


Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“Great win. The fans really helped us and didn’t give up on us.”

“I know Poole played well but Evan Hymes won us the game emotionally. He started attacking the rim. He knows how to talk on D. He’s a smart kid. I said you’ve got to stop holding back. I give Evan Hymes a lot of credit as a captain.”

“That’s when I went over to him. I didn’t yell at him. We were having an interesting discussion. I said you’re the captain. We saw Captain Phillips the movie where Tom Hanks takes leadership of the ship. I said Evan you have to be Captain Phillips. He just did great. I don’t think we win the game without Evan Hymes.”

“The building started getting electric. Then we made a few plays. It started getting noisy. Believe me I know. For 9 years I was on the other end. It starts getting loud when the crowd gets into it and you start pressing. The sidelines seem to get tight. We’ve got fans all over the place, on the sidelines and the base line and it closes in on you quick. I thought the fans did a great job of helping our energy.”

“It’s all about emotion especially at the college level.”

“I’m a different coach for Evan but I love his size and quickness. When Evan plays full court defense his whole game gets better. When Evan engages defensively it helps his whole game. Whether he wants to do that or not, I said you have to. I just told him you’ve got to do the dirty work. They’re not going to follow you if you don’t do the dirty work and he did.”

“I talked to Gary Williams last night and we talked about how Syracuse is not afraid to stay in the zone and watch the game change.”


Rob Poole

“It’s a great win. Down 13 you don’t think gonna come back and win those kind of games. We had great leadership from Evan coming off the bench. He never gave up. He was telling us we were gonna win the entire time and without his leadership I don’t think we could have done it.”

In a huddle on the court coming out of a timeout: “Pat (Cole) was talking about talking on zone. He said the kid scored 8 straight points in the middle, we’ve gotta match that up. Pat’s our best player. No one really knows that cause he’s not playing but in practice he’s killing all the time. Pat knows what he’s talking about and when he talks you’ve got to listen to him. He told us to pack in in and play great defense and after that we played great D.”

“It was crazy cause at the beginning of the game I was like we are so wide open right now and we can’t make a shot. I remember the first play of the game I’m like wow this zone is a little soft I think we can get to the middle and we missed 12 straight shots. I’m like oh this is gonna be a bad shooting night.”

“Fordham, they’re a good team this year. They can play defense. They can score the ball. It’s just a tribute to Ev and Jimmy and all the players who came in and just worked hard.”

“The fans helped us out a lot.  We were on our run they were bringing their energy and noise to the game and without the fans we probably wouldn’t have been as pumped up.

“Jimmy that’s just his normal self. That’s nothing new. He got out there pretty quick with Ryan from the bench. He’s probably quicker than me, man. He’s probably quicker than me first step. He’s a great coach. He brings that energy you’ve got to give it right back to him.”


On Fordham coach Tom Pecora’s comments (see below) “That’s a great compliment. Larry Bird’s my favorite player. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve got a jersey of Larry Bird. Larry Bird’s a great guy, the toughest player to play basketball so that’s a compliment. But I don’t think I’m quite Larry.”


Evan Hymes

“I just accepted the role being a leader. Coach tells us it’s not about who starts the game, it’s about who finishes it. He wanted me to play hard and that’s what I did. I went out, competed and we came out with the win.”

“We’re starting to realize him yelling at us, you can’t take it personally. You have to take criticism being a great basketball player. He’s been around 13 years at Maryland 8 (9) years at Loyola. They won the MAAC championship so we just want to buy in to what he’s saying and that’s what we did.”

“He told us we weren’t having fun the first half. You could look at us and tell and he just told us ‘what’s our two rules?  Play hard and have fun.’ Once we did that, the game was really fun.”

“It’s a bit different from my first two years. You just want to take it in stride and continue to get better and continue to compete. You can’t take it personally. Yelling at us just motivates us.”

“Defensively we just wanted to come together as a team and communicate. That’s always gonna be the key to defense. That last seven minutes in the zone everybody was talking. Once we got that going we played great defense at the end.”


Lavon Long

Prior to the 22-0 run: “We got in the huddle. We didn’t like what we saw so we thought we’d just pick it up.”

Pat Cole in a huddle on the court coming out of a timeout: : “Pretty much all he said was they’re not 13 points better than us. There’s no reason they should be 13 points ahead so we came out to show them that they weren’t.”

“It definitely helps in the zone we forced them to shoot tough shots we were able to come up with the boards.”

On playing with fouls: “Pretty much just play off them a little more slide our feet and play solid defense. Don’t reach in and you’ll be fine.”

“It was definitely a great win. Especially when you come back and you work that hard, you deserve it.”


Fordham Head Coach Tom Pecora

“They’re strength is our weakness, the ability to rebound the ball and play hard.”

“We got up and there was no quit in them. They came out of every timeout organized. They ran some good stuff and were able to score.”

“Poole’s a good player. I remember watching him play in high school and now he looks like Larry Bird coming off those big screens and playing really hard.”

“They have a talented team. They’ve got good players here and I think they’re gonna win a lot of games when they get into conference play.”



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