Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Fairfield


Postgame comments from Siena head coach Jimmy Patsos, Brett Bisping, Evan Hymes and Rob Poole following win over Fairfield:


Jimmy Patsos

On Rob Poole:

“To come back from not scoring last game and then not really have a good first half, 14 and 6. Big plays. I thought Poole, I’m really happy for him as a person. He took the Quinnipiac loss hard. I should have addressed that with him more. I didn’t know.”

On rebounding following two tough losses:

“I don’t think I did a good job of handling the Quinnipiac loss. I’ve had some big losses in my life. Sometimes you don’t know if you should yell, contemplate, counsel or just move on. I’ll take responsibility for why we didn’t have any emotion playing at St. Peter’s.”

“The beginning of the game we didn’t really come out ready to play emotionally. I said I’m not gonna lose my mind. It’s gonna either come from within or its not.”

On status of Rich Audu:

“Rich Audu’s hurt his knee so I don’t know where that’s at. But he may be out for the rest of the year.”

On the final offensive play for the game-winner:

“My wonderful coaching again (laughs). That’s the play we call Orlando. We’ve run that before. Marquis has gone down the lane and layed it in before. I kinda thought they were playing good D on that so we put Evan in. I thought Evan would either get to the rim or I actually thought he might kick it to Poole. And then Brett just cut to the basket. Then Brett taking the charge. That was a charge. That was good.”

On free throws:

“My rule on foul shooting is simple. One out of two ain’t bad. I’ve been that way my whole life. I was a 75% shooter in college which was a miracle. I wasn’t a good shooter. You don’t wanna come up empty. 0-1 in one and ones is tough. O for 2 really can be demoralizing. Make 1 out of 2. I’m cool with that.”

“Poole’s gonna make some. We gotta figure out he may be leaning back or something cause he’s too good of a shooter not to make them.”

“I thought he did make some clutch free throws. Brett Bisping’s to tie it up was huge. That’s the one you need. Cause then you’re down one you panic. It’s a lot different playing defense.”

On being down 16 in the first half:

“Rich Audu leaned in the huddle and said, ‘Make a decision of what we’re gonna be’.

“It’s not on the refs. We all had these talks. It’s about us. I had my fireside chats and I’m not gonna go crazy. Luckily I have a very patient A.D. in John D’Argenio who came and saw me before the game and said everything’s good. We’re ok. We’re ok. Meaning you can get caught up in things. I told the team that too that you have to just keep playing through some things. They did.”

“I was up 17 in this building and lost (while at Loyola). What was good is it was only one at halftime. I don’t judge a lead good or bad till halftime.”

On Ryan Oliver:

“Ryan’s coming. He’s a really god kid. I like Ryan Oliver, smart kid. He judges whether he makes shots or not. The guys driving right and don’t let him get a rebound, you’re 6-5. I don’t care if you’re 0 for 10. I really don’t. Hes buying in. then at the end he went in and got a really good rebound.”

On the last stop:

“I was lucky they called time out because I didn’t have any left, cause I had used mine. We knew he was gonna drive right. I thought Brett Bisping once again being smart, he started on the left but Brett was there. He was outside the circle. This isn’t just talk. I thought that was the right call to make. It’s getting harder to get charges but he beat him there.”

On setting up the final offensive play with no time outs:

“Hey maybe I would have messed it up if I had a timeout. You never know. You can over coach.”

On Lavon Long as he passed by the press conference room:

“Keep on trucking Lavon. I taught him that. Lavon’s kind of a throwback guy. Lavon would have been in Bethel, NY in ’69. Trust me.”

Other comments:

“Our mantra today was make a decision. This is gonna be it. Do you want to play some more ball or do you wanna pack it in and lose 20 games?”

“I’m really proud of our team. Brett continues to grow.”

“That’s a team that’s played everybody tough and they’re coming off a win. What I’ve got to get used to here is everybody in our league gets excited to come play here. I know ‘cause I used to be one of those guys. The lighting’s good, big crowd, 5,500.”

“I give Evan a lot of credit. I give Evan more credit because he made the steal. I thought the steal was a big play.”

“It’s been a learning process this year but I like coaching this team. Fun team to coach. I’m proud of them. They were the ones that go the win back.”

“We had a great practice yesterday. That’s probably why we won.”


Brett Bisping

“Coach Patsos said this is gonna come down to the last 4 minutes when we started the half so we were gonna have to play it tough the whole way. We knew coming into it we have a lot of tough guys on the team that we were able to grind it out and come up with the win.”

On trailing by 17 early:

“That was definitely on us players. We did not come out ready to play at all. We can’t let that happen. We did good fighting back but that’s unacceptable. We can’t let that happen again.”

On the game-winning shot:

“That pass Evan gave me was great. He could have taken a shot there very easily but Ev’s been playing real selfless, passing the ball more. A great play by Evan to give me a chance to make a play.”

“He was driving. I knew either a shot was going up or I was ready to catch the ball. Just trying to make any kind of play to get us the win.”

On the final defensive play, taking a charge to win the game:

“We just said at the end we’ve got to get one stop. I saw him coming so I was waiting there for a while. I was a little nervous there waiting on the ground but I’m happy I got the call.”


Evan Hymes

“We definitely had some resilience in the beginning when we got some stops and came back down 17. We just needed to get that one stop at the end and got it. Robbie made some big plays. Brett made some big plays, taking the charge at the end and we won the game.”

On coming back after falling behind 17:

“Just keep fighting. We’ve been there before. They’re playing great the first half. We fought back. We can’t make that a habit. We’ve got to come out stronger.”

“We definitely had some players come off the bench and step up. Maurice came in and gave us some good minutes. Rolly (Ryan Oliver) came in and also gave us some good minutes. It was definitely a team effort tonight.”

On the assist to Bisping for the game-winner final offensive play:

“Just a little ball screen for Quis, try to get in the lane. He kicked it to me. Coach told ne if I get it to drive to the basket hard. The big 7-footer stepped up. Brett cut. The credit does to him. He made the pass easy for me.”

On the final defensive stop:

“Just get one stop, but Brett made one hell of a play. We got that charge. That was just a great play and we came up with the win.”


Rob Poole

“The game started out tough. They hit shots and we weren’t getting stops. We were making bad plays, turnovers. They play everybody tough. We knew it was gonna be a battle but we battled back.”

“Coach said it’s the mid major level. It’s gonna come down to the last four minutes. We had three great stops with Ev, Lavon and Brett drawing the charge. Without those defensive plays we don’t win the game.”

On the last offensive play:

“I just saw Ev catch it and like a bullet go right through and throw it. I was like I don’t know where he’s throwing it to and then I saw Brett just came out of nowhere and put it in for the basket.”

On the final defensive stop

“We talked about no threes and no fouls and Brett had a great play down low to win the game.”

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