Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Fairfield



Postgame Comments Following Siena Fairfield

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“Really good game. Sydney Johnson does a great job. To go up to Buffalo and sweep those teams says a lot about Fairfield.”

“I thought Lavon’s defense was unbelievable. Lavon’s defense and leadership once again came through.”

“Javion, I could see it all week. Javion got in the gym and worked a little extra. I could just see it, Javion’s gonna play really well. We took Monday, Tuesday off. We played 2 games in 3 days and it would have been easy for him to say hey I’m taking my 2 days off. He was in the gym and watching tape.”

“I’ve always said that’s why he’s going to be a coach. I discouraged him from being a coach but I will hire him one day if I’m the coach at Siena and he’s available.”

On whether he was concerned about minutes played by his starters: 

“We had to win today. It’s called survive and advance. It’s about surviving and advancing and then you worry about everything else later.”

“Khalil Richard got a very important 8 minutes. Kadeem Smithen got a very important 10 minutes and I thought Sammy Friday had a very important 5 minutes. That will help us play a little more tomorrow.”

“I’m really pleased with the minutes we got off our bench and Marquis should clearly be rested.”

“They (seniors) have to play those minutes and they have to score those points. There’s 200 minutes in the game. They have to play 180 of them. That’s just how it goes. The TV timeouts with ESPNU were long. I thought one of the better coaching moves I made was at 8:30 when he hit the three and we called timeout. Everybody was saying save your timeouts. I know I have coaches in the stands yelling. I can hear them. But that’s when I wanted to get us rest.”

“Quis was great in transition. He just didn’t get his threes going so that’s good cause he’ll make them all tomorrow.”

On if he knew Fairfield would be starting a big lineup:

“What am I, I Dream of Genie? No. They hadn’t started that lineup all year. He had a lot of guts rolling the dice. They went big. Guess who’s birthday it is today. Gary Williams. They’re going big. Good. We’re gonna press the whole game.”

On Tyler Nelson:

“I just said to him every time I see you, you get better. That’s a credit to you. Then he said, ‘Beat Monmouth for us,’ I said I would like to beat Monmouth for us too.”

On Wright’s technical:

“I’m not really pleased with what happened but there’s no time to really talk about it. The 3rd foul whether it’s right or wrong, I didn’t want him getting the technical. I took him out. Those refs are all New Yorkers so they’ll have a little banter with you. I said it’s not right. I got a T but I’m the coach. I haven’t gotten one in a while. As a leader, I had to work on my leadership this year, I said it’s my fault for being a bad example for you but don’t do that anymore because it makes you look bad and it makes us look bad and by the way we need you.”

“He’s been great all year. Ahsante Shivers doesn’t care. I call him Shivers. We switched his name in January. He’s played a lot better. Just a junk yard dog from D.C.. Shivers knows how to play. He was great tonight.”

On whether he considered playing Clareth against Fairfield:

“No, not tonight at all. Day to day. Here’s the thing. He’s hurt. Once he plays he’s going to be hurt again. When he plays it’s going to be sore the next day. That’s Hammer. Saturday no. Sunday maybe yes but once he plays he can’t play again. Ok we have to win without him because we would rather have him tomorrow.”

Javion Ogunyemi

On his made three-pointer:

“I was wide open. When I was in the gym the last couple of days I was working on it a little bit. I was hearing from the bench to shoot it and I knew the shot clock was winding down so I just shot it with confidence.”

On his big performance:

“It was just my teammates. They realized I was struggling the last couple of games and everybody just told me to be aggressive when I get the ball and try to score, if not just kick it out. I just fed off my teammates energy tonight.”

“Once Marquis was out for a little while I realized it looked like we were struggling to score a little bit so I just tried to go and get some easy opportunities. My teammates did a great job of finding me.”

 Lavon Long

“Going into tomorrow’s matchup I’m just thinking we’ve got to win. We got knocked out in the second round too many times. Being a senior it’s really gonna hurt if we don’t come up with the win. So, I’m just thinking work hard, go in and leave it all on the floor. (Patsos: ‘And not let Robinson have 40’) That too.”

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