Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Bucknell


Postgame Comments Following Siena Win Over Bucknell

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“I’m really proud of Javion got his 1,000th point on a free throw. That’s a huge free throw.”

“We went one for two on free throws down the stretch. We preach that because 0 for 2’s hurt you, 1 for 2’s keep you at three points and the worst they can do is tie.”

“Brett Bisping, he’s had an effort above and beyond anybody I’ve coached at the mid major level. That was just an unbelievable hustle play at the end. He came over and hugged me and said I’m gonna make my one free throw.”

“We gutted it out because the fans were great. I know that they said 3,500, obviously there wasn’t that many here due to the snow but that means 3,500 tickets were bought. I think people would have walked up if it weren’t snowy. I just want to thank the Glens Falls people. I like it here.”

On Nico Clareth:

“I thought he played very well. He made a couple of big passes too. He’s a scorer. He’s a battler. He was out there cheering. He wanted to win. At the end he’s like, I’m ready to go back in ’cause I took him out and Ahsante was playing well. I can have like too many guys but you can never have enough Nico.”

“That was a huge bucket that he (Clareth) made to tie the game. That was as big a bucket as there was.

“I want him to be healthy but I don’t play doctor. He has been seeing an outside physical therapist which is helping him. He was at practice yesterday. He walked out there and said I’m going. He looked good and he went. I think there was a few things he couldn’t do today defensively but the guy ends up with 16 points and we probably don’t win that game without him.”

On where he got the idea of starting Lavon Long at the point:

“I’ve got to start sleeping at night because I’m not. Losing you wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. He’s (Long) kind of like Dennis Johnson. He was a four man in high school. The point guard at Pepperdine got hurt so they switched him to point guard. Larry Bird said Dennis Johnson was the best player that he ever played with. Lavon doesn’t really have a position. Lavon can play ’em all.”

“We are going to keep playing Bucknell. That coach was disappointed he couldn’t see Lake George because of the snow. I said you know I don’t really control that.”

“Overall we did really good. We won most of our match ups.”

“I don’t even want to talk about Ahsante Shivers. Don’t ask me any questions about him because you’ll just jinx him. But, thank God for him. He gave us a lot of flexibility.”

Brett Bisping

On pulling out a close game after previously losing some close ones:

“I think we just weren’t gonna let it happen. It feels good to get a win against a really good team. They beat Vandy and they beat Fairfield and Manhattan so we knew it was going to be tough. I think we came out ready.”

Javion Ogunyemi

“To be honest, my 1,000 points, I didn’t even know how close I was. I had a feeling it would happen at some point this year. The fact that I did it at home in front the fans, it was important to my family and the fans but, I’m just glad we won.”

“The last couple of weeks we were just tired of being in the game and not pulling it out. Eventually something has to change. We just kept saying, we are gonna win this game. If you say something after a  while you start believing.”

“Any time you beat a good team, there’s momentum moving forward. Most importantly we just want to relax on our day off tomorrow and then get back to work.”

On having Clareth back:

“It’s just great to have him because he’s always got that winning and scoring mentality. We were down two and he came down and got a big bucket to tie it up and we just fed off his energy.”

Nico Clareth

“We’re moving in the right direction. We’ve got to just keep moving in the right direction and keep aggressive.”

On returning after missing time with sore knee:

“It’s game time. When it’s game time nothing else matters. When the adrenaline is going through your body you don’t feel anything.”

On closing this game out as a team:

“Just stay on the gas pedal really. It’s not like we don’t try to close every game out, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We went with the same mindset.”

On hitting a big game-tying shot down the stretch:

“I’m looking for whatever is open, trying not to force things. The shot clock was running down I was coming off the curl, it was open then…… Yeah.”

On having five players in double figures:

“I think the whole starting five is capable of 30 points but sometimes it’s just not possible. We just have to keep sacrificing and working as a unit.”


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