Postgame Comments Following Siena Win At Rider


Postgame comments following Siena win at Rider from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos, Ryan Oliver, Lavon Long and Asst. coach Luke D’Alessio:

Patsos: “Ryan Oliver’s shot was huge for us. Ryan had 6 points (last game) and 2 points (today) and should be player of the week in the MAAC. What he did today in making that baseline jumper and what he did making two big threes (last game). And, he played really solid defense.”

Patsos: “I like coming to the Bronc’s Zoo. I haven’t won here very much as a coach so that was a big win for us and it was on the players.”

Ryan Oliver on go ahead baseline jumper:

“Coach kept telling me to be aggressive and attack when I can so when Marquis passed me the ball I just wanted to get a good shot off before the buzzer.”

Patsos: “Probably thought he would take the three. That’s why it was an unbelievable play. They thought he was gonna take the three and then he goes left and pulls up. Hollywood’s creative. He was an actor when he was a child and he’s from Hollywood.”

Patsos: “Like Johnny cash said, the river’s will rise and deposit the soil and you’ll have a better fruitful season later.

Patsos: “We thought we were gonna drown last week. Maybe this is the enriched soil giving us good crops.”

Patsos: “We had Manhattan miss shots and them (Rider) go scoreless in the last two minutes at home. I’ve been around a long time. That’s some luck and I’m grateful for that.”

Lavon Long on experience of being in so many close games: “The more you are in a situation, the better prepared you are down the line. It helps a lot.”

Asst. coach Luke D’Alessio:

“Lavon played terrific. We challenged him in the first half cause he played 4 minutes, had 5 shots and didn’t seem motivated. We got on him at halftime and said we need you to play and he stepped up and played tremendous in the second half.”

“The key is Stewart and Myles. You’ve got to try to contain those two guys, at least one of them. We did a hell of a job on them. We’re just living hungrier. They’re good (Rider) and they’re tough. We showed how tough of a team we are. The whole team contributed to this victory.”

“We were a little frustrated cause he’s (marquis Wright) a better player than he showed in the first half. We didn’t start him in the second half just to motivate him. He played tremendous in the second half and led us all the way through to the end.”

“We’re learning how to win those games and be competitive.”

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