Postgame Comments Following Siena Win At Niagara


Jimmy Patsos:

“We lost by 34 points the other night and there’s not a lot you can do to dispel that. I thought our team stayed together.”

“Javion and Marquis came to me and just said, ‘This is what we’re going to do the next two days. We’re going to work hard. We’re gonna see how we have to win. We’re gonna have a hard practice. But. we’re also gonna go to The American Sniper and then Niagara Falls and then we’re gonna go to Applebee’s. They picked that. Player’s today deserve to have input on a trip.”

“It’s more than just basketball. We talked about that at brunch. And, that’s just how it’s  gonna be as long as we’re here. And now, we win, on the road.”

“The bottom line is we were 1 and 1. It doesn’t matter that we lost by 34 points. I don’t think we took it lightly but we didn’t veer off the path and say `Let’s have seven hours of meetings and a 20-hour practice and all that’. We kinda stick to the game plan. We know we’re missing Brett Bisping and Imoh Silas and today we’re missing Rob Poole. We still stuck to run the two play, press and played a lot of zone and scored 74 points and I couldn’t be prouder and I’m not kidding.”

“Marquis’ big, that last free throw after missing a few in a row, to make the other one that made us up four kinda put us in a little different atmosphere. One out of two is good. Marquis was mad. I’m like, are you crazy? Now we’re up four. You gotta keep it in, perspective.”

“We’re good. A lot of different guys contributed.”

“Jimmy Paige, I must have inspired him when I told him Rick James was born in Buffalo, the first like guitarist-singer-rapper. He doesn’t know who Rick James is but I do.”

On the return of Lavon Long:

“He ‘s inspirational. He’s really good with the ball. You have to cover Lavon. Ten (points) and 6 (rebounds), 2 assists. He’s really smart. Lavon Long is just a warrior. Once again he probably shouldn’t have played today. He wanted to play Friday. He came back and said I’m ready to go. I appreciate that from Lavon.”

On what everyone was laughing at coming out of a huddle:

“Rebound and receive. I said rebound and receive, rebound and receive. It sorta turned into a chant. They’re good with me. They started making it like a song. They were like you’re gonna keep saying it we might as well sing along. I tried to teach them, All You Need Is Love. I’m working on that one. But, they didn’t get that one cause they don’t know who the Beatles are. The ref was laughing. I keep it light.”

To a local reporter who asked about perspective after losing by 34 the last game:

“I told them if we didn’t win I was gonna kill ’em cause then you wouldn’t write a story on me (laughs).”

On it being more than just basketball:

“I believe that. I’ve been in the MAAC so long. You know how many great players have played in this gym? But, most of them are done playing after a couple of years so there’s more to it than that. And we talked about that. I’ve seen this league for 11 years. We’re always gonna go to Niagara Falls.”

“They don’t get it all. They probably get tired of me. But, I’m gonna make sure they learn.”


“Chris (Casey) has it going. These guys are really good. They’re just young.”

“Javion, turning you into a player. 16, 5 and 3. Doing it all like Bob McAdoo. I’ll teach you who he is later.”


Marquis Wright:

“We loved each other on the court and that’s what I was saying at every huddle. It leads to all that, defense, offense and a win.”


Postgame recap: Siena Bounces Back To Beat Niagara

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