Postgame Comments Following Siena Win At Marist


Postgame Comments Following Siena Win At Marist

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos:

On the close finish:

“(MAAC Commissioner Rich) Ensor told me to get the ratings up.”

“I saw the Commissioner there so I knew I should keep it interesting. Can’t win by too much.”

“Every time I come to McCann Arena it’s a tough game. It must be something in the way we roll here. That’s what the MAAC’s about. It’s always an adventure here.”

On thinking of last year’s closing seconds loss at Marist:

“I honestly didn’t talk about last year ’cause I left my shirt here that I ripped off last year so I didn’t have to think about it.”

“We had great fan support. I want to thank our fans for coming. When things got a little down our fans were just saying go with it.”

“We did not want to call time out at the end. I said if we get a stop, we’re not calling time out ’cause they’re all back on their heels. I thought everybody go their hands in there.”

“Evan Hymes has had some up and down things go on this year. His grandfather’s been really sick and he’s kept that to himself. Meanwhile there it is. I told him that’s life, keep persevering. It’s great that he made the shot and we came back and got a stop.”

“We wanted a broken play and somebody going to the rim, and (Hymes) made the layup. I’m really happy for Evan.”

“Everybody keeps counting us out except ourselves, we’re not counting ourselves out.”

“Great game. Poole just wouldn’t let us lose in the huddle. A couple things went wrong there at the end and then Evan makes a great play to finish and makes the lay up.”

“I did tell Evan just don’t call time out. If we get it just go and he made a great play.”

“It’s anybody’s game. I’ll tell you what, the leagues really shaking out so make sure you buy your MAAC all-session passes.”


Evan Hymes:

“We never gave up. Coach was telling us in the huddle every time they scored, ‘We’re good, just keep our composure.’ That’s what we did.”

“Quis did a great job. He knocked it from him. It got to me and before in the timeout Coach said if you get it go and that’s what I did.”

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s definitely a team win. Regardless if I hit that layup at the end, our team fought hard. We knew that we had to ply for 40 minutes and that’s what we did right until the end.”

“Every time out we were talking to each other saying let’s keep going, just keep pushing regardless if they scored or not. We kept our composure and we kept fighting.”

“We’ve just got to keep fighting and keep grinding. I know we lost Brett and Imoh which definitely hurt us but we’ve go to fight with what we have and make a run.”

Rob Poole:

When asked if Patsos is a piece of work for plugging the MAAC all-session passes:

“He’s crazy. The last time I said that he killed me but he’s a great guy. I love him.”

“We have a great point guard in Marquis. He makes great plays. At the end of the game, Evan with senior leadership brought the ball down and scored to win us the game.”

On thinking of last year’s closing seconds loss at Marist:

“Oh my god, that’s all I was thinking about. I was in the huddle and I was thinking please don’t let us lose another buzzer beater at the end of the game at Marist. Last year that was a long one hour (bus trip) back. Thank god we won.”

Marquis Wright:

On surrendering the 18-point lead:

“It’s not a bad feeling. Every team makes a run. We kept our composure and go the win.”

On Hymes game winning play:

“It was a heck of a play. He came back strong and he finished. He never quits.”

Javion Ogunyemi:

On thinking of last year’s closing seconds loss at Marist:

“I didn’t even think about last year. I just thought  about staying focused and trying to get the win and trying to pull my team mates together.”

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