Postgame Comments Following Siena Semifinal Win Over Monmouth

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Postgame comments following Siena win over Monmouth:

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“For Lavon to have no points and for us to score 89 and win just goes to show you this team’s got a lot of guts.”

“When I was a kid I thought Willis Reed was a story and I thought he had like 30 points. Willis Reed only had two points. I grew up in Boston and I learned more about toughness and grittiness from Dennis Johnson, Larry Bird, a veteran team that just wouldn’t go away. Larry Bird hit his head against the Pacers and everybody thought he was gonna be knocked out. That was one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen and then I saw Nico today. That was unbelievable.”

“He couldn’t walk two days ago and to come back with that. In person seeing the Larry Bird stuff when he got hurt, Kirk Gibson’s homerun, gutty performances.”

“Congratulations Nico but we have to get one more.”

“Three of my college teammates were here and the first thing they said was thank God you recruit players better than yourself.”

“Javion has gotten better every year and Marquis wasn’t gonna quit. I was on him about his turnovers at halftime and then he didn’t  have any in the second half.”

“We talked about not feeling sorry for ourselves. Monmouth’s really good but to score 64 points (2nd half) that’s pretty good.”

“We had a lot of fans here and that really spurred us on.”

“At halftime Nico Clareth said we’re not losing. I’m playing. Let’s go. End of story.”

“That was just a great game. We’re looking forward to a good game tomorrow.”

“We have another game to go. That’s why I’m not gonna jump and down and go crazy.”

“This is a job where you have great fan support and it’s not front running fan support. These guys are loyal all year. They come to all the games. They deserve a win and to get more wins cause they’re rabid basketball fans.”

“They appreciate good basketball here. They are a passionate fan base and I really respect that.”

“I’ve coached a lot of good wins and a lot of good losses and that was a really good win for the kids cause they’ve earned it and been through a lot.”

“To have a guy who didn’t play and the  take over the locker room emotionally and then back it up on the court was pretty impressive.”

At halftime:

“He (Clareth) said ‘We’re not going out like this and a few other things and I agreed with him.”

On if there was a moment in the 2nd half where he thought this one is ours:

“No. Not against that team. I knew we had  a chance. All I want is a chance. We just wanted a chance and we had a chance.”

“Never did I think that game was over until the final buzzer sounded. He (Robinson) makes too many tough shots. Then Javion went out there and did his Kevin Love impersonation.”

“From where I come from B’s were good but I understand here this is a place that wants A’s. That’s ok.”

Nico Clareth

On his second half performance:

“I think it’s just my competitive nature. I did get angry at half time with the score and the way we were playing. I just can’t let this team lose. I do everything to help us win.”

“This is everything right here. This is the happiest Ive ever been. Hugging these guys after all the hard work but we’ve got one more though. We’ve got one more.”

On how he went from not being able to walk in the first half to his 2nd half performance:


“In the beginning of the season playing with my knee and stuff, this left leg is not foreign to playing the whole game. I knew what to do and how to not get off balance on my shot. Then, just heart.”

“I didn’t really feel like I was in a groove at all. I was just so focused on not losing. My teammates got me the ball and they trusted me with the shots.”

“Heart is gonna get you through tomorrow and the next day and then life.”

On if there is any chance he wont play tomorrow:

“No. I’m gonna treat it. This is the championship. It’s all of nothing right here.”

“I always feed off the crowd and they feed off me. It’s a give and take thing. It’s awesome. I try to feed off of everyone’s energy. That’s a powerful thing when everybody comes together and shares energy.”

On when the crowd was cheering and chanting his name after the game:

“Happiness. Jubiliation. Everything you can imagine. I started crying. I don’t be crying that much but I was just happy. It was tears of joy. Tears can tell what words couldn’t tell.”

“Nothing is impossible. I always like to think there’s a storm that God has sent. It doesn’t compare to the daylight you’re about to see.”

On playing for a championship:

“It’s huge. The fans, they want it so bad. They want it just as much as us. They’re part of the team too even though they’re not there in practice or diving on the floor with us, they’re a part of the team too. To win for them feels good.”

Javion Ogunyemi:

“I just kept telling the guys throughout the whole game that we worked way too hard this year and we had too many things happen to us to go out like this. Down the stretch, I’m a senior. I stepped up there (foul line)  and I took my time and held my follow through and the shots went in.”

On playing for a MAAC championship as a senior:

“It means a lot. I think a couple of months ago if you asked anybody they would have counted us out but at that point as a group we came together and toughed it out. Now we are just lucky to have an opportunity tomorrow.”

Marquis Wright

“We (he and Robinson) both said we had a lot of respect for one another. It’s been fun playing against him, the competitive nature is in both of us. This year we were 1-2 (against Monmouth) but we won when it counted.”

Lavon Long

“This is my last chance. Getting knocked down on the second seemed to be all we could do. But we showed we can make it to the chip. Now it’s just one more game and we can make history.”

On if they still have enough energy and emotion for the final:

“We have an abundance of it. This is our first year getting there. We have a lot of young people and they seem to be doing it for us. We have four people who have been here 4 or 5 years and we’ve been trying to win it for not just the school but for us. I don’t think passion or energy or drive is gonna be an issue.”

“He’s always been capable of it and he showed that today. I’m very thankful as a senior that he performed the way he did. He really put us on his back.”

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    March 5, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    Unbelievable game and an unbelievable performance from Nico

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