Postgame Comments Following Siena MAAC Tourney Win Over Niagara


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Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“I just thought Evan’s energy, when Evan Hymes for his size gets 3 rebounds, and I’m seroius about that cause this is a tough athletic league, we’re in good shape.”

“We were outrebounded by 28 the last two games and I think they took it personally.”

“Rob Poole really gutted it out and did all he could. I don’t know if he’ll play Saturday. He rested and did all he could and he was hurting in the second half. The good news is he can hit free throws an handle the ball.”

“I’ve said this all year certain guys wouldn’t let us lose and I didn’t think Evan or Ryan would let us lose.”

“Lavon’s energy early was good.”

“Marquis has just got to get in better shape if he’s gonna play every minute of every game. . No I’m kidding. Once in a while you have to watch him and go, that guy is playing 39 and 40 minute’s as a sophomore and that’s a lot in this league.”

“Hats off to Niagara. They didn’t make threes. We were lucky with that. We worked on that defensively stopping the threes cause they have won four games in a row. They were the hottest team in a very competitive conference. The MAAC is super competitive from top to bottom.”

“They (Niagara) took a lot out of us. I’m proud of our guys.”

“The one word we wrote up on the board was ‘confidence’. It’s time to have confidence. I’ve been going to some high school games lately and I’ve been mentioning to our guys that, you were there. You made free throws. You made open jumpers. Just be the guy you were coming out of high school. Sometimes you over think things in college.”

“I think we’ve lacked a little confidence and losing can do that to you. But, we had it today. It was a great win.”

“I think one of the things we have done and I am worried about for the next game is we have won and been happy, stop parting….. no I’m just kidding. We have won and been very  happy and then we don’t seem to bring it the next game.”

“Niagara won four in a row and that helped our team cause when I said hey we’re playing Niagara who we beat twice and they go yeah, yeah, yeah. I go they won four in a row and everyone in our locker room especially from the sophomores up, when they heard four in a row that got our attention.”

“It’s funny we’ve gotten good looks we just haven’t made some and that’s how it goes and then (today) Poole makes a couple, Evan makes a couple and Ryan makes one.”

“It would help if we would make threes on Saturday because  we’re playing the best team in the league with arguably the two best players. They’re gonna make threes so we gotta match them.”

“My movie choice after Quinnipiac, I showed them Walter Mathau and the Bad News Bears. There was a lot of messages in that. That’s when I decided on the bus that Evan and Poole were starting. There are some things where you gotta stop looking at stat sheets and go on your gut. They didn’t win (Bad News Bears) but they tried as hard as they could. They had adversity. Sometimes you can yell on the bus on the way back and we didn’t do that at all. We watched the movie and the last hour cause it was snowy we had a mature conversation and I think that helped us and that gave us confidence.

“Saturday’s gonna be a great test at noon. We need all our fans here. Honestly I think thryre and unbelievable team, Iona. We basically haven no chancecoming off two days rest so I would say we’re probably gonna lose by 30. The good news is we’ll find out Saturday at noon how we’re gonna play.”

Ryan Oliver

“Coach has been real helpful in helping me to expand my game. I was just taking what the defense was giving me and just attacking more and being more comfortable.”

“It’s a new season, the postseason. Everything that happened in the past is over with. You’ve got to take it one game at a time and give it your all.”

Evan Hymes

“We’re a confident team like Coach said. We sort of lost that a little bit when we were losing. Coach came out and made sure we were ready to play and that’s what we did.”

“Coach Patsos told me, this could possibly be my last college game of my career. I definitely took that to heart and Coach made sure I was fired up. That’s one of the things I nee to do is be that energy guy for the team and for the young guys.”

Marquis Wright

“We kept our composure, even though they scored a couple points in a row we justb satyed calm and stayed together as a team and pulled out the win.”

“Talking, that’s the main key on defense. We’re talking way more especially in the second half where our bench is not with us.”

On the team’s confidence:

“Way different. Everybody played with confidence shooting the ball and just overall throughout the whole game.”

“We have a good team. We have great pieces. The tow freshmen Willem and Jimmy, they help us a lot. We just have to continue to do this.”

Key to beating Iona:

“Focus. We’ve been in the game twice, had the lead in the second half the first game and lost it. We have to be a good team, stay together and play good team basketball.”

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