Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Vermont


Postgame comments from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos, Ryan Oliver and Rob Poole following Siena’s home -opening loss to Vermont.

Jimmy Patsos

“Vermont’s a very good team. John Becker’s a great coach. They came in with their backs against the wall. It was a hard-fought game and I thought they deserved it.”

“I’ll have some interesting things to say in a month if it continues this way. If that’s not a wakeup call that we have to listen and play hard and practice hard I’ll take the blame as a coach.”

“Yesterday in practice I didn’t think we practiced as well as we could have. I mentioned some things to the team and they said, ‘We’ll be fine coach remember. We played well against UMass.’ I said OK. You can only do so much with young people today and I know that cause I was a young person once.”

“I said they’re coming in angry and they’re gonna outwork us if we’re not ready and I thought they did.”

“We were up five, three times in a row and I said run the play. Run the offense. And, we did exactly the opposite of what I said. So, that’s on me. I’m not an effective coach right now and I have to work on that.”

“I warned them I said this was gonna be a tough game. Vermont’s a very good team. They’ve beat us five times in a row for a reason.”

“I’ll take the responsibility. But, I am preaching. If the congregation doesn’t want to listen then either I’ve gotta find some new members or figure out what to do.”

“I’m learning about the Siena job. It’s a hard job cause so many people tell the players how great they are constantly. I’m learning to get used to that. At Loyola if 20 people told one of my players they were great in a calendar year that was amazing. I’m learning that I have to do a better job myself of managing the egos.”

“Our record’s 0-0. I’ve been in the MAAC 10 years. Our records 0-0 until Quinnipiac. Even though we’re here (Siena) and we want more, I get it. I’m with ya. I’m on the train too. It’s about the MAAC. We have a plan. Play good teams to get ready for the MAAC. We are learning. “

“I’m gonna play Vermont. They beat us 5 times in a row and me and John Becker have already agreed to a lifetime contract. It’s good for us to play them. That’s who you play. That’s how you sell tickets. That’s how you learn. The question is, will we learn?”

“That’s a good Vermont team that played really hard. We matched them for about 30 minutes. Thirty-five minutes against UMass isn’t enough. Thirty-two against them (Vermont) is not enough either. We’re not playing 40 minutes yet so onward we go.”


Ryan Oliver

“We’ve gotta watch film. Listen to the coaches and go out there and be ready for Wednesday.”

Wake up call?

“Definitely. It’s still early. It’s still November There’s a lot of basketball left to play. We just have to have it be a learning experience and listen to the coaches.”

“The first thing we have to do us shake this off. It’s a loss and it’s tough. We just have to focus in on Wednesday. They’re a great team (St. Bonaventure) in a great conference. We have to go out and play hard for 40 minutes.”

“They have a great atmosphere. The student section is right on top of you so it’s definitely gonna be tough for us. I think we’re gonna be ready for it. We just have to go out and keep competing.”


Rob Poole

“They played great defense, got in us. I had a bad feeling after they went on that 8-0 run. I’m not gonna lie. I kinda felt it turning the other way and that’s what happened. They never looked back.”

“They’re a tough team. They play hard every game. They’re a bunch of tough kids. That’s the way they recruit and it’s not gonna be easy.”

“I think we’re too happy, honestly. I think we think it’s gonna be easy. It’s not like the past three years where people were coming in here thinking we are easy. People are coming in here to play hard every game. We need to get ready and realize how hard it’s gonna be every game.”

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